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how much to rent a car for a few days ?

Asked by: 24th July 2011

were is best to book from and do they take cash?


8 Answers

  1. Sam Roberto on Jul 25, 2011

    I rented a Vauxhall Astra GTC for 3 days for 70 euros. Petrol for those 3 days cost me 20 euros but we went everywhere! Well worth it, although i do think i could have haggled slightly but i thought that was ok and it wasn’t for a shitter hehe. Yes they will take cash as they took a 10euro deposit off me n then took it off the amount the next day.

  2. Tompostins on Jul 26, 2011

    When trying to hire a car don’t go to the big names like Plus Car or Carbrera Medina because they give you the price on the door then slap on the hefty insurance costs and things. Try to use the local, family run buisnesses. Autos Medina, next to the Tuscan. (The tuscan is imbetween the Barcelo and Las Coronas. We got a brand new Opel Corsa for just 75euros.

  3. Tompostins on Jul 26, 2011

    Sorry, Autos MARTINA (NOT Autos Medina)

  4. sharon aylward on Jul 26, 2011

    thank you

  5. Maria Jane Macree on Jul 27, 2011

    Payless is always very good if locally in the resort or www.autoreisen.com is fantastic if you wish to collect/return at airport. Alternatively, always go smaller companies as previous posts state as larger companies will rip you!

  6. David myers on Jul 27, 2011

    Just be careful if you leave it till you arrive there be none available this happened to us last August i had to wait till our second week to hire one and because of the shortage paid well above there advertised prices yet earlier this year in june i hired one via the internet before i arrived at a cost of £150 for two weeks best deal i have ever had

  7. Tompostins on Jul 27, 2011

    Where did you get that from, very interested

  8. David myers on Jul 27, 2011

    Autoreisen is the rental firm, I picked up and dropped of at airport they were spot on but be warned as you approach the busy period they go up in price