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How much spending money should I take for 1 week all inclusive in Porto Del Carmen ?

Asked by: 23rd June 2011

Im going on holiday with 8 of my mates, its all inclusive so we will be making the most of that for drinks before hand, but we will be going out most nights, and taxis back

plus hopefully going to a water park for one day


how much would you reckon to take each?


5 Answers

  1. Mrs Bear on Jun 24, 2011

    Put all the clothes you want to take on your bed then put a note of the amount of money you want to take…….Then take away half of the clothes and double the amount of money !

    Well thats what my hubby says I should do………lol

    P.S. according to how much you hit the cocktails I should count on about £40 a day !

  2. Christopher Lewis on Jun 24, 2011

    For a week on drinking with lads, id say you would be safe with about 800 quid..although you are all inclusive, the majority of the clubs are open until 6 in the morning and its not cheap for drink in lanzarote…8E a beer in some places the last time i was there

    Waterpark is a waste of money mate and if your drinking the night befor, the bus journey will not be pleasent…lol…they have about 5 slides, uz wud be better just hitting the beach with a load of blow up floats etc..will be better craic

    take advantage of the promotion guys they will be rutheless and offer some silly deals to get the business for their bars so play them off against eachother..lol

  3. jude on Jun 25, 2011

    8 euro a beer??? i have never seen that charged for a beer anywhere in lanzarote! majorly ripped off there! normal beer prices are 1.50 – 3 euro maybe 4-5 euro in clubs.

  4. Tim Fi Devil on Jun 25, 2011

    just got back and I was paying 2euros for a large beer, proper bicardi and coke was 4.50 so being all inclusive I would take about £600 but you are like most women just sponge your drinks!!!

  5. Christopher Lewis on Jun 26, 2011

    yes in places like caesars they were charging 8E for a bottle of budweiser..admittedly it was 3 years ago..the reason i was pointing it out is because it sounds like its gna be a drinking holiday, so best to highlight the more expensive booze as a warning..lol..and if they arent drinking beer then yes 8E is prob the cheapest they can get away with