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how much is the bus from costa teguise to p d carman ?

Asked by: 8th April 2012 ,


5 Answers

  1. Peter on Apr 08, 2012

    Hi, Last time i went from CT to PDC on the bus last summer the cost was €5 for two each way, hope this helps.

  2. jude on Apr 08, 2012

    it was 2.70 per person last month

  3. Marie on Apr 08, 2012

    Me and hubby went on 22nd march 2012 we got on the bus near santa rosa apartments, and it cost us 2.65 each each way

  4. Sue on Apr 09, 2012

    If you’re going to use the buses a few times it’s worth buying a Bono which is available from the drivers. These cost from 12€ and you get a 30% discount on each journey

  5. Karen on Apr 10, 2012

    agree with Sue – but not all bus drivers carry the Bono bus