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How many times have you been to Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 28th August 2014

over how many years ? how many times you want to go ?


15 Answers

  1. Tracy R on Aug 28, 2014

    23 times over 22 years. Not gone every year but some times two or three times a year. Have tried other places in between but still end up coming back to Lanzarote and hope we will do for many years ahead.

  2. Wendy Middleton on Aug 28, 2014

    Maybe 11 times in 15 years – sometimes as three generation family, sometimes just us two. Our grown up daughter has even chosen to go there with her friend.

    Like Tracey R, have tried other places and been twice in a year. (Not enough holidays from work to do any more 🙁 ) Unfortunately, won’t be at the big get-together in September, but we’ll be back again, one day 🙂

    I’ve adapted the lyrics from ‘Bali-Hai’ but I’m sure that a few of you will smile …..

    Lanzarote may call you,
    Any night, any day,
    In your heart, you’ll hear it call you:
    “Come away…Come away.”
    Lanzarote will whisper
    On the wind of the sea:
    “Here am I, your special island!
    Come to me, come to me!”

    If you try, you’ll find me
    Where the sky meets the sea.
    “Here am I your special island
    Come to me, Come to me.”


  3. Tom Iles on Aug 28, 2014

    Thanks Wendy. May I suggest you take a bit more tonic with it next time.

  4. Zoe on Aug 28, 2014

    24 times in 9 yrs live the place!!

  5. Kevin Burton on Aug 28, 2014

    30 times in 15. Years. our son met his wife there when they were 15 years old. they are now married and have a 5month old son who will be having his 1st holiday in Lanzarote in October this year. We now spend 4-5 months of the year inCT. Mainly in the winter months now we are retired. It is fab!

  6. Wendy Middleton on Aug 28, 2014

    @ Tom Iles


  7. Kitty on Aug 28, 2014

    I’ve lost count. Probably around 60-80 in 30 years.

  8. david charles hind on Aug 29, 2014

    About 10 times,on the Beach Bar webcam,100s lol

  9. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Aug 29, 2014

    30 times in 6yrs so far another 3 coming up this year 🙂

  10. Barry Dunne on Aug 29, 2014

    In the last 6 Years 12 times with the odd visit before that.

  11. julie kirkham on Sep 03, 2014

    6 times in 3 years,

    and, wendy, your song made me shiver, because we cant go this year and i’m on this site for my fix, till next year, I so hope to go back, very soon, It just feels like home.

    • Wendy Middleton on Sep 04, 2014

      Julie, we’re not going either:( Family wedding coming up and dental surgery 🙁

      Glad you appreciated the ‘Bali Hai’ song and weren’t cheeky, like Tom 🙂

      Have a look at the YouTube video which David mentions on the ‘Getting about in Costa Teguise’ question. It might make you feel sad though because you won’t be there.

      You’re right, though, it does feel like home. x

  12. tony rutherford on Sep 04, 2014

    20 odd times I think

  13. julie kirkham on Sep 04, 2014

    Good luck with wedding and dental stuff, Wendy.

    Will check out the video.

    I often wonder if, when we are strolling along the lovely walkways, or eating in one of the restaurants, the people who chat on here have passed us by, and we would never know.

    All the best to everyone who brings Lanzarote closer, till I get there again.


    • Wendy Middleton on Sep 05, 2014

      Thanks Julie – I know I must have been at the Galeon Playa at the same time as David Hind. Its going to be quiet of here soon because it seems like the whole world and his dog will be in CT soon.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if they all went on the webcam at a pre-arranged time and we could see them? Ha-ha 🙂