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How long does it take to get a good sun tan in Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 29th January 2011

I will be 1 week in Lanzarote, its enough to get a good tan ? How long will it last ?


3 Answers

  1. Millwall Steve on Jan 29, 2011

    The sun is very very strong so a week is all you need to get burnt to pieces!

    Tace care as the wind will make your skin burn, plenty of strong lotion

    have a nice trip….

  2. carole cooper on Jan 29, 2011

    follow what the professional sun tanners do,stay around the pool all day.becareful you don’t fall asleep or you will get cooked. when you come home,don’t wash it off. lol. enjoy!

  3. Paul D on Jan 30, 2011

    The UVA & UVB sunlight in Lanzarote is much more stronger than the uk obviously and stronger than mainland Spain too. The breeze on the island is deceptive and with no sun protection on at all you will burn within around 15 minutes. If you burn badly then your holiday is effectively over !

    i once got complacement on a two week holiday and burnt on the tenth day ,, ( my shins ) I remember being sat in a bar with cold wet bar towels on my legs in agony.. Not nice

    Even if you are there for just a week, use a quite high sun factor and keep re-applying regular. You will tan normally without any problems. The best bit of advice really is that you should be cautious without sounding alarmist… Take particular care if you have small children and use sun block on them and a good sun hat !..

    If all else fails and you do get burnt ,,, Sit in a “hot bath” and pee in the water ! It will help take the sting away.. Rubbing fresh aloa vera on your skin helps too !

    The trick is to not get burnt in the first place ! Enjoy !