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How do you find the cheapest flight ?

Asked by: 28th February 2015 ,

any ideas welcome.


4 Answers

  1. Roy Stevenson on Feb 28, 2015


  2. Michael Rigby on Feb 28, 2015

    If from Gatwick try Norwegian.com . If from anywhere else try the app Skyscanner.
    Hope this helps

  3. Kevin Burton on Feb 28, 2015

    This is not an easy to answer question but I’ll try. The cheapest will depend on where you want to fly from, when you want to fly,whether you want t take hold luggage,and whether you want to reserve a seat. Initially use a search engine try sky scanner or travel supermarket. Then you will need to go to the suggested sight- don’t go to a travel agent site, go to the airline site.Beware if you want to take hold luggage or reserve a seat the basic cheapest flight can become very expensive. For instance Ryanair will charge you £60 for a 20kg case on a return flight. Easy jet only charge £30. Reserving a seat can cost anything from £4 to £12 for a standard seat and don,t forget this is each way,so there can be £16.00 difference per seat. Timing will also influence cost. Early morning flights tend to cost more than evening/night flights. If you only want to carry hand luggage for a basic flight and not reserve a seat, the low cost carriers will possibly be ryanair or easyjet. Thomas Cook/Thompson can also figure but beware they only allow 5kg of hand luggage. We always take at least one hold case and reserve our seats and find Easyjet to be good from Gatwick.Norwegian have come out cheaper once or twice.Good luck and happy hunting. I have just booked a return flight for 2 people with reserved seats in each direction and 1x20kg case.for £219.96

  4. Steve p on Mar 02, 2015

    Sometimes its cheaper to fly out with one carrier and back with another friends of ours did it last year, or in some cases fly out of one airport and back to another, as for flying out of one and back to another I would rather pay the extra cost and fly back to the same airport unless it was a real big saving.