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how cool is it in the evenings in february ?

Asked by: 14th February 2011


Will be in lanzarote on Thurs for a week….how cool is it in the evenings ? Will a lightweight jacket be needed ?


5 Answers

  1. jude on Feb 14, 2011

    well i wear boots and coat but i’m a softy!! normally ajumper or jacket if you are sitting outside a bar or restaurant,as soon as the sun goes down it feels chilly then wierdly it gets a bit warmer later?if it’s a windy night it will feel colde,.go prepared!,you can always remove layers as you go!lol

  2. Paul D on Feb 15, 2011

    John. . . I think its a subjective thing as to how warm or cool you feel in the evenings as some individuals feel the cold worse than others….. Definately the breeze can make a difference if its really blowing, but you shouldnt be freezing cold.. You should be comfortable generally.. Ive never found it too cool in the evening.
    Having said all that , Ive a friend back here in the UK who is of half Irish/ half Afghan descent. . . And ive known him wear a big thick coat in the middle of the day in July ! lol Its very much down to the individual !

  3. Lesley on Feb 17, 2011

    We have just come back, it was a bit chilly in the evening, about 15 degrees, jeans boots t shirt and jumper or cardigan were enough for us. No need for a coat.

  4. jude on Feb 17, 2011

    by the way john i am answering a resident and we tend to feel the cold more,thin blood and all that! hence me in a coat and boots,but i noticed lots of the tourists this week have light clothes on and just a cardi or jumper,so you might feel warmer,either way its definitely warmer than the uk,! snow forcast for scotland???

  5. Karen on Feb 18, 2011

    As above I agree – I feel the cold – but very rarely need a coat – just a fleece and longer legs on my trousers !!!!