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Hotel Barcelo La Galea in Costa Teguise has free WiFi?

Asked by: 2nd April 2013 ,

Thanks in Advance


6 Answers

  1. Terry on Apr 02, 2013

    No its not free in Barcelo unfortunatly 🙁 thoguh if you go to the bars around the area and food places, you can get the FREE access code so you can access the web from there wireless routers 🙂 thats what we done last year, but this year i will just pay for the international data on my phone provider 🙁

    • Jackie Wardle on Apr 02, 2013

      Glad to read the positive comments about the Barcelo La Galea. There for 2 weeks beginning May. Our 4th time in Costa Teguise, but stayed at Coronas Playa previously. That’s Thomson Gold, so all British guests there. Would have gone there, but £500 less expensive at La Galea. Don’t expect quite the service as Coronas (4 star) but hoping food/accomodation (superior room) ok. If anyone who’s stayed there can tell me. We’ve booked superior sea room, but on trip Advisor, one or two comments that as they are facing the sea, can be windy. Would we be better with one overlooking the pool? I think one disadvantage will be reserving of sunbeds. Towels taken off at Coronas if not occupied up to 10am, so never any probs getting them. Seems to be a case of if you want want get up at crack of dawn at La Galea!

  2. Terry on Apr 03, 2013

    Jackie, this will be our 2nd time there 🙂 its a nice hotel, of a huge chain, from my experience last year you couldnt fault it reception was nice and clean, the staff was fantastic if you have kids they will enjoy from some of the entertainment provided by the staff. the entertainment on the night is 50/50 some is good others isnt, so good, but who could complain, its self service booze!! (including spirits!!) enough said there, 😛

    We stayed in a room on the 3rd floor over looking the pool, (above the pool bar/resturant) we loved it there, we are going to see if we can get that same room, as you would know its a windy island, and maybe expect it to be windy with a sea view?

    I agree about the sunbeds there, i find alot of people reserved the sunbeds, i remember getting up early (5/6am) standing out side and just watching people come to reserve there beds (even though it says by the pool you are not allowed) 🙁

  3. Jackie Wardle on Apr 03, 2013

    Thanks Terry. We’re ‘senior citizens’, so after staying at the Coronas (adults only) staying somewhere where there are children will make a change. Don’t expect many school age kids there, but might get entertained by little ones! I might contact the hotel and ask for a room overlooking the pool instead. I can see from photographs, that the sea facing rooms can’t see towards Las Cucharas beach anyway. I have looked at the layout on Google Earth, and as it’s our fourth visit to Coast Teguise, do know our way round. Can’t wait to enjoy some WARM weather!!!

  4. Terry on Apr 03, 2013

    tbh you should love it at Barcelo La Galea if your (how you put it) “senior citizens” middle aged (such as my self ’30’) or kids. there were quite a few “senior citizens” there last time, and had a great laugh with them :)it wasnt until the last 2 days that alot of kids came to the hotel we went at the end of May over the Junilee 🙂 so going a little earlier this time may mean will miss that, lol

    all i can honestly say, is dont believe what the bad reviews say that you read about the hotel, we done that after we booked and thought it wasnt going to be nice place to stay, we were so taken back when we got there to see that them bad reviews was people complaining about anything and were just wrong!
    The only bad thing i can honestly say about the hotel was the sasuages, lol my partner never liked teh breakfast but the rest of the food was really nice!

    If you find you dont like them either, i recommend going to the Fuel Stop for a mean English Breakfast! and coffee 😀 to start your day with a beautiful view across the beach 🙂

  5. Frank on Apr 03, 2013

    If you go into the Paradise Bar on Av de Jabillo, 2 mins from front door, you can surf away to your heart’s content for free.