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Hi how many of you guys live on the island? wheres best ? and is there much work ?

Asked by: 14th February 2011


8 Answers

  1. luke on Feb 14, 2011

    Hi Dave no very little work and unemployment level is very high,I think CT is best but just my view

  2. larry connell on Feb 15, 2011

    Hi Dave, even If you are a tradesman there is very little work, unless you can do refurbs then you have to understand the electrics and plumbing.
    Now if you do bar work then there is always someone looking to take you on but remember they mostly pay you by the hour, dont forget Lanza is a holiday island and tourism is their business.
    I have a place in PDC as well as the uk and have a lot of friends out in Lanza and some of them are struggling.

  3. Dave Jackson on Feb 15, 2011

    Thanks Larry, its PDC i was thinking about. Its good to get views from some1 there. I would like to split my time 50/50.

  4. davey brid on Feb 15, 2011

    Hi Dave,
    If you google the lanzarote gazette it allows you to turn pages, its the monthly mag and at the back it has a situations vacant page,
    also google lanzarote information, they give you loads of info on everything inc a jobs page,
    hope this helps

  5. Jules CJ on Feb 16, 2011

    Hi Dave

    According to the data in 2009, there’s around 8,000 British & Irish officially living in Lanzarote, you also need to factor in those that don’t register as residents and those that live here under 6 months of the year so it’s not their main country of residence.

    Generally people live in or on the outskirts of the resorts as that is where the majority of work will be found. Finding a job is tough, there aren’t any agencies so you have to ask around and don’t be shy.

    Good luck if you’re thinking of joining us.

  6. jude on Feb 17, 2011

    as julie says,dont be shy! also suck it and see,you could always stay in the uk and wonder ‘what if ‘for the rest of your life,but if you take the plunge it could work out,if not you go back and say at least you tried it! life isnt always easy here and recessions,trends,holiday price hikes etc etc can all affect our incomes at any time,but i for one have no regrets…………. no time off or holidays either mind you, but regrets none!! lol.

  7. Dave Jackson on Feb 17, 2011

    Hi Jude, what do you do to give no regrets? whats the best things to get into? with the odd day off? lol

  8. jude on Feb 17, 2011

    we do what most people do here,catering / hospitality, i am actually a qualified nurse but you.ll find you have to diversify when you get here,most proffesions dont transfer well unless you have spanish language and or qalifications,working for yourself is hard,not much time off but there is the sun! but working for somone else will give you one or two days off a week and if you are lucky a contract with paid holidays and social security,but these sort of jobs are hard to come by,you are best coming over and trying your hand at whatever comes your way,it’s a good way of getting to know people and to see where the gaps in the market are etc ,good luck.!