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Have you been to The Lively Ladies showbar?

Asked by: 23rd January 2011

We have been many times and love it, what do you think?


7 Answers

  1. michael watson on Jan 24, 2011

    Cheap,trashy and half full of common people.

    • Lesley on Jan 24, 2011

      Michael, looking at your picture I assume you are also a drag act, and maybe a bit jealous of the lively ladies!

  2. steven kissack on Jan 24, 2011

    seen the show many times and it still makes me smile everytime,good clean family fun,nice bar,nice people would recommend it

    • carole cooper on Jan 24, 2011

      your right steven,we both agree. happy hols. carole&ray

  3. trishcalvey on Jan 24, 2011

    Iv been to lively ladies a good few times now, I really enjoy the show when it’s on.
    It’s a good laugh and very much worth a visit to. 🙂

  4. Lesley on Feb 17, 2011

    The Official Lively Lady Showbar Group : http://on.fb.me/hXwpbI

  5. Karen on Feb 18, 2011

    Have spent a few evening sin the Lively Lady – 1 being New Years Eve a couple of years ago with my daughters who were then 14 +15 – fantasic evening.