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Have the Jelly fish gone from Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 31st December 2011

If is so how long did they stay?


11 Answers

  1. Sue on Dec 31, 2011

    We hadn’t heard anything about them for weeks but unfortunately I saw earlier today that Playa De Las Cucharas was closed because they are back

  2. Michael on Dec 31, 2011

    Jelly fish are back, Costa Teguise & Arrieta beaches have been closed today because of this.

  3. KatyB on Jan 05, 2012

    As at 4th January 2012 yes jellyfish are back, the sign says…… although not personally seen any, but people are still swimming in the sea… they might regret it..

  4. Sue on Jan 05, 2012

    I believe the beaches have re-opened again now but I think the situation is still being monitored

    • peter on Jan 06, 2012

      hi gordon see you in ferraris bar soon dont forget now

  5. gordon on Jan 06, 2012

    i couldnt forget, its me 2nd home lol… probly be there thursday night, after a chinese meal.

  6. Neil Howiantz on Jan 10, 2012

    We are going to be in Playa Blanca from 15th Jan. Have those beaches been affetced by jellyfish?

  7. Sue on Jan 10, 2012

    I think they were affected at one point but I haven’t seen anything recently. I did read that the beaches in Arrecife were closed yesterday because of this problem

  8. Sue on Jan 10, 2012

    Sorry Neil, but I’ve just seen in the Spanish news that the town beach in Playa Blanca has been closed today because of the jellyfish. The article says that the beaches of Papagayo are not affected at the moment. Hopefully they will have moved on by the time you arrive on 15th

  9. Neil Howiantz on Jan 10, 2012

    Thanks for the update Sue. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  10. gordon on Jan 20, 2012

    back home now, peter you didnt turn up. so no drinkies for ya …