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Have prices in supermarkets, specifically Spar increased in the last 6 months or so?

Asked by: 10th July 2012


7 Answers

  1. Steve on Jul 11, 2012

    Hi Nigel, we were in PDC in the begining of june this year.As we were self catering we used the Spar round the corner from oriental world.We have found the prices to be slightly cheaper than last year. example, they had a good offer on Nescafe coffee,it was cheaper than at home.Spar brands are good,but like at home you have to get the best buys.hope this is of some help.

    • nigel ball on Jul 11, 2012

      Thanks Steve. do you know if cans of drink, i.e. Tropical & Mahou were any cheaper?

      • Steve on Jul 11, 2012

        Hi Nigel, did not buy cans of drink, what we did buy was, 1.5 litres of pepsi or coke for 1 euro,which is not bad.

  2. H R H on Jul 11, 2012

    I have also used this Spar and found them to be dear for somethings and cheaper for others .One of the biggest price hikes I noticed was in toilet paper. Their own brand ,which is a bit rough hade gone up by a Euro ,whilst branded paper like Andrex etc had almost doubled in price. So now you have a choice between the rough and the smooth.

    • Steve on Jul 11, 2012

      i really prefer the smooth,but i can put up with a bit of rough for a week or so!

  3. shreka on Jul 19, 2012

    On a wednesday a stall holder from the market comes round in his van, you wont miss it, bright green and plays the dam busters theme like an ice cream van! he has some lovely fresh veg and bread. The groceries are respectable prices and now and again has a great selection of dog food from the mainland…big tins. Although he doesnt generall sell newspapers or magazines, he always has a few ‘ special ‘ interest mags in the cab for sale. Hes a very approachable guy and will take orders and deliver them within a couple of days for a small charge,about 12 euros. His brother runs a dvd stall at the market and will also deliver films to you within a few hours notice, about two euros for the night.

  4. H R H on Jul 19, 2012

    Does he accept sterling