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Have others been to Meson El Porton ?

Asked by: 31st August 2011

Found this little place behind the Casa Blanca in Costa Teguise and the food was stunning! Tappas with a twist and at a reasonable price.


2 Answers

  1. Sarah on Sep 04, 2011

    Yes Steve,me and my sons know the restaurant very well and the food is excellent and of a high standard.We are friends with the owners,so we are maybe a little bit biased and protective of them…but great to see such a lovely posting on this website about it.Lets hope more people get to discover it and eat there.

  2. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Sep 04, 2011

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s the best we have had by a mile! Ken and Nancy do a fantastic job between them! We got to know Ken really well during the week and had a few beers with him. Going again in September to do a boat trip with him if he can get away lol as he does the cooking greeting and the closing up lol