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Has the Oasis De Lanzarote Hotel actually re-opened yet ?

Asked by: 6th July 2012 ,


15 Answers

  1. Sue on Jul 06, 2012

    No, it’s still closed and they’re still working on it. I haven’t seen anything yet to say when it’s re-opening but thought it was only closing for around 6 months so it should be some time soon

    • paul neal on Jul 18, 2012

      Yes it is open,have just returned from a week there,all inclusive,an it is absolutly fantastic.

      • jackie smith on Jul 21, 2012

        hi paul im looking at booking there for middle of august i have a fifteen year old daughter would you recommend it ?is it completely finished ? id be grateful for your opinion ….thanks

  2. Michael on Jul 06, 2012

    They wrote in newspaper it will open on 1st July, looks like they’re a bit late…

  3. Steve Wells on Jul 07, 2012

    Thanks for your replies. We are due to stay there 24th Sept so they have a bit of time yet before I start worrying!!

  4. Sue on Jul 07, 2012

    Hi Steve, I’ve just driven past again today and all the scaffolding is now gone and the car park was open. I couldn’t be sure whether the hotel was actually open or not, but if it wasn’t I’m sure it will be any day now. I’ll try to pop in and have a look next time I’m walking past.

  5. Michael on Jul 07, 2012

    I saw it 5 minutes ago, looks like they were already turists there. Its called now “be live hotels – lanzarote resort”

  6. jude on Jul 07, 2012

    that’s funny we must have been on the road at the same time mike! was just going to say the same thing!!! lol looks nice but i couldnt see any tourists there was still a few works type people around and who are ‘be live ‘ hotels?

  7. Barry Dunne on Jul 07, 2012

    I must check it out,there could be bargains lol

  8. Njferg1 on Jul 09, 2012

    Glad I came across this chat! I am due to go on 19th of July! Been keeping an eye on website. And have phoned hotel a few times they just say mañana!!

  9. Steve on Jul 10, 2012

    Hi Sue, excellent, thanks for the update.

  10. kevin mc carrty on Jul 12, 2012

    Does anybody have an update on the re-opening of this hotel ,I am booked for a family holiday on the 17th July and i’m a little worried with the comments I have read above……..

    • Brenda on Jul 19, 2012

      Kevin ,you must be there by now-is it nice?Is it 4* standard?

  11. Sue on Jul 13, 2012

    Hi Kevin, I went past again yesterday and I’m sure it’s open. I didn’t actually go in bit I could see from outside that there were people working out in the gym. Have a great holiday

  12. angela salisbury on Aug 01, 2012

    looking forward 2 our stay their early september after my daughters wedding