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Has the Highlander re-opened ?

Asked by: 5th March 2015


10 Answers

  1. Steve p on Mar 05, 2015

    So I have just been told by someone yes it has

    and this is the web site www.highlandertoo.co.uk

    but looking at the website this is in PDC and not CT

  2. Joe Strummer on Mar 05, 2015

    Steve – Not sure if this is the same one – I assume Myra is referring to be what used to be the Highlander in CT ?

    If so -when I was there in January the place was a shell with workman in and a handwritten note on the door saying they (sorry cannot recall the names) will re-open when work finished

    The one you provided a link to is in PDC and says it opened originally in PDC in 2011 and has moved a few yards

  3. Steve p on Mar 05, 2015

    That link is the one in PDC Joe

    it was some one asked on facebook about the highlander I said it was closed and this person came back and said I was wrong and it was open and gave me this web site

    from what I know its still closed in CT and no one knows what’s happening so far

  4. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Mar 05, 2015

    The new owner ripped it apart and started making new plans. …… just one thing wrong. ….. she forgot to let the local council know so they stopped the work.

    • Steve p on Mar 05, 2015

      Yes that’s Right Stephen they did I recall this now so could be a long time before it reopens

  5. dawna polden on Mar 05, 2015

    There is a post on TripAdvisor saying the highlander is now open. Hope this helps.

  6. myra on Mar 07, 2015

    Thanks peeps. Yes it’s the one in CT I was asking after enjoyed many an evening there .

  7. Marian Walker on Mar 09, 2015

    The highlander is defiantly open passed it this afternoon. It looks really nice now it has been done up.

  8. myra on Mar 09, 2015

    Thank you Marian it will beinteresting to see who the new owner is ..

  9. karen hill on Mar 13, 2015

    Hi Myra, just got back from CT yesterday, the Highlander is open, it looks very nice & modern.
    (for the record about the weather, we were there 5th to 12th march & it was sun, blue sky & hot, bit chilly at night but we can put up with that.)