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Has anyone stayed at the Galleon Playa in CT ?

Asked by: 7th April 2013 ,

I realise i could use Trip Advisor to read reviews, I would welcome any comments or opinions about the place , and the views on going self catering.


10 Answers

  1. mark biddle on Apr 07, 2013

    I stayed there the last several years and the galeon is in a perfect location and very good value for money.

    • mark biddle on Apr 07, 2013

      stayed at the galeon playa several times and is in the perfect location for the shops and bars and over the road you have a stunning beach.

    • Peter on Apr 07, 2013

      Thanks Mark for the info.

  2. Wendy Middleton on Apr 07, 2013

    When are you planning to go?

    I’ve looked on review websites for the ‘feel’ of a place. There is always someone with a horror story wherever you go. I’ve looked at places we’ve really enjoyed however some people say they would never go there again!

    We have stayed here at least 4 times – in 1 and 2 bed apartments and are going again in May.

    During the day we’ve sometimes stayed around the first pool (as you come through reception) but most times just wander to one of the many beaches, walk about, have lunch somewhere. Come back to shower and change and then go out again so can’t really comment on the entertainment, kids club or dining facilities.

    It isn’t five star. The rooms have always been clean, the staff are friendly and helpful, no problems getting a sun bed.

    The location is really good. Near taxis, buses, beaches, shops…. Look on Google Earth and you will see that just outside the front door of the GP, there are shops for your supplies. Also lots of places within walking distance will do a take-away service – pizza, Chinese etc if you would rather stay in.

    Self-catering every time for us. So many places to eat and lots of variety of cuisine.

    Well….we are going back.

    • Peter on Apr 07, 2013

      Thankyou Wendy for your reply.

  3. Peter on Apr 07, 2013

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply , we will be returning in June, we were in C.T. in March for two weeks, for our sins we have always gone A.I. But we have decided to try self catering as we find that we dine out most of the time. I agree with your obserbations about using review sites we have stayed at hotels we thought we lovely , but other people thought were terrible everyones expectations are different.

  4. david charles hind on Apr 07, 2013

    ditto with wendy,off to the galeon in may,stayed loads of times,3 last year,i love the place,galeon playa is on facebook and my photos are on facebook too”Kwik pics” enjoy regards dave

    • Peter on Apr 07, 2013

      Thankyou David for the info.

  5. Joe Strummer on Apr 08, 2013


    Have to agree with most of the posted comments – basic aprtments but clean and fairy spacious with everything you need in a holiday apartment.

    Fantastic location – we have used then 5 times now and only once have we asked to be moved – there was a slight damp smell in our allocated room – moved with no questions asked

    I wouldnt hesitate to use them again and they are in our considerations for January 2014

    • Peter on Apr 08, 2013

      Hi Joe , Thanks for taking the time to reply, we have now booked the Galleon Playa going self catering 16th June for 10 days, counting the days..