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Has anyone been to a bar called La Vida in Costa Teguise? Can you reccomend it?

Asked by: 22nd January 2011

I have been to Costa Teguise many times (last time March 2010) but have never seen this bar. I can only think it is where the bar that looked like a castle was, next to the Teguise Playa. Am I right? I have also read that the singer from The Lighthouse sings here. We were fortunate enough to see a man singing at the Lighthouse last year ,he was fantastic but I can’t remember his name. He could sing anything that you asked him to. We will be in CT in Feb and would love to see him again. Can you help?


2 Answers

  1. Lesley on Jan 22, 2011

    It is a new bar in Costa Tequise, sort of opposite teguise player on the road that leads down to the punta jabillo apartments looks very modern, large screen TVs and live music most nights, I think they do have some of the same singers as the lighthouse, (Drew I think was one of them) it has been heavily advertised, leaflets everywhere! it was always empty when we walked passed! We were staying at the punto jabillo apartments in Dec.

  2. trishcalvey on Jan 23, 2011

    I went there in November, very nice and mondern, i’ts Drew that is running the place.
    We didn’t stop long just had a quick drink after our night out, it was very quiet.
    If he can fill the place up a bit, i reckon it would be a good night out.
    We did do the breakfast there and very nice it was too.