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Has anyone anything GOOD to say about Los Zocos?

Asked by: 22nd June 2011 ,

Arriving at Los Zocos on Saturday.  Really alarmed at the bad reviews posted on Trip Advisor over the past two weeks.  Can anyone help to put my mind at rest?  Please??


16 Answers

  1. mike on Jun 22, 2011

    like i previously said on another post on here, do not worry about these reviews, you get a small percentage of people writing bad things because they expect facilities like the ritz at los zocos. it is a 3 star hotel in a lovely resort, this is our fourth visit to los zocos in 3 years and our 2nd this year so what does that tell you? we cant comment on the food as we go self catering but in terms of the hotel we cant really fault it. like every where you go in life ur going to pick faults but we cant really fault this hotel that much, only really how cold the pools are. enjoy and dont worry.

    • carolynne on Jun 22, 2011

      Thanks Mike – that was a really helpful answer. How nice it is to hear someone with positive comments!

    • jim logan on Jun 22, 2011

      Am going to Los Zocos next week 29/6 for 10th time in 8 years. I have travelled all over the world esp Spain. This is by far the best. The staff are its biggest asset. Ticks all the boxes. It would be impossible to over recommend it. Top class. Personal de primera clase.Estupendo.

      • carolynne on Jun 23, 2011

        Thanks Jim! (Like your Spanish!!!)

  2. Michael on Jun 22, 2011

    Latest guest reviews and scores for hotel Los Zocos on booking.com are good : http://www.booking.com/hotel/es/los-zocos.en.html

    • carolynne on Jun 22, 2011

      Thanks Michael – the reviews on this site are much better. I appreciate your answer.

  3. Karen on Jun 23, 2011

    Yes Yes – I have stayed at the Zocos many many times – always had a great time – rooms good size (I’ve stayed in both 1 + 2 bedrooms) staff very friendly and helpful, pool as with most cool!!!
    I always go S/C but have had food there – there is a lot of variety – but not as good as it was 5-6 years ago – but plenty of people seem to say how nice it is everytime I’m there so it can’t be that bad!!
    It is very centrally placed to the shops and beach – also the bus stops almost outside so for those without cars its great – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel to anyone that wanted to stay in CT hope this helps x

    • carolynne on Jun 23, 2011

      Thanks for that Karen!

  4. steve on Jun 23, 2011

    Los Zocos is a self catering apartment block turned into a mainly AI complex, much like the majority of the apartment blocks here.
    The rooms are good in size and well equipped and hopefully you will be unlike the vast majority of clients staying there and will come out into the town and put something back into the resort rather than solely into the holiday companies pockets.
    The resort is as cheap as anywhere else in Europe and there is no need for resorts like this.
    I will now duck as hundreds of “unlikes” appear on my profile!

    • carolynne on Jun 23, 2011

      Hey thanks for your reply. We most certainly will be using the bars/restaurants/etc in CT – that’s where the best atmosphere always is!

  5. Peter ireland on Jun 23, 2011

    No it’s a very poor hotel. The main resturant has been shut since May 1st so you only have the one place which can only be described as a canteen!!. The pools are dirty with green all around the sides and the sun beds are the most uncomfortable you will ever find. Silly card for AI guests that you have to show everywhere you need all the cards of every one in your group to get them a drink as only one drink per card. Dark dingy dirty place for night time entertaiment. Go out of the hotel to the fantastic beach and you’ll have a great holiday.

    • carolynne on Jun 24, 2011

      Oh dear! Doesn’t sound like you had much fun there. Thanks for your reply anyway.

  6. denise on Jun 24, 2011

    got back from los zocos yesterday there was no green slim around the pools, the food was much the same but very nice something there for everyone, the breakfast was delicious, especially there scrambled egg. The evening entertainment for the kids was good, rooms very spacious, if any complaints it would be no air con it was 40deg will we were out there it was to hot but if you open your front door and balcany door you get a lovely breeze. Have a great holiday

    • carolynne on Jun 25, 2011

      Thanks so much Denise! Wow! 40 is VERY hot!!

  7. Peter ireland on Jun 25, 2011

    Denise I didn’t say slime!! All the tiles are green around the edges of the big pool where the bar is shut. And if you think the evening entertainment was good for kids Youv obviously never traveled. It’s total unorganised chaos! And being a well seasoned traveler myself If I want Chinese every night I go to China not Lanzarote. But if you enjoyed your English breakfast I’m very happy for you and glad you had a nice holiday.

  8. Leah Robinson on Jun 27, 2011

    ignore what people say i went in 2008 and it was such a good holiday, people are just fussy and if your not fussy then ignore them because the food is great there is variety of different foods to choose from the pool is good and the entertainment is good. if you are planing on doing excursions i would advise you to go to the cowboy and indian night it is a laugh x