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Gyms in costa teguise ?

Asked by: 25th August 2015

Hi im heading to Costa Teguise am just wondering of any gyms that are in the area. Thanks.


4 Answers

  1. Kevin Burton on Aug 25, 2015

    Where a outs are you staying in CT. there are several gyms in the area.

  2. Michael on Aug 26, 2015

    I know these 2 ones :

    Gym Life Style
    Avenida del Mar, 24

    Vitalclass Lanzarote Sport & Wellness Resort
    Avenida de las Palmeras, 15

  3. Johnny on Aug 26, 2015

    Cheers lads im staying in Apartamentos Tabaiba Lanzarote Paradise

  4. Kevin Burton on Aug 26, 2015

    OK Johnny, the nearest to you is vital class lanzarote. Also there is a gym in Santa Rosa apartamentos whicg also has an indoor pool which can be nice in the winter. Check them both out and choose which you prefer based on price / facilities. If you tell the people at Santa Rosa that you are staying next door in Los Molinos, they give you admission at 1/2 price. Let me know how you get on. When are you going out?