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Going to Play Blanca next monday 14 jan, wondering if its warm enough to sunbathe at the minute ?

Asked by: 7th January 2013 ,


21 Answers

  1. Michael on Jan 07, 2013

    You can sunbathe all the year in Lanzarote 🙂

  2. Brenda on Jan 07, 2013

    Thanks Micheal, looking forward to our trip,need a bit of heat in my bones 🙂

  3. Pam on Jan 08, 2013

    What is the temperature in farenheit in January? What is the average temperature all year?

  4. gona on Jan 08, 2013

    Hi, I go to Lanzarote in early March. Did I expect rainy days? Does the sun set on the tanning bath?

  5. Michael on Jan 08, 2013

    Check the page “Weather” on this site, you have a link “Lanzarote Climate” with all year climate in Celsius.

    Early march, its winter season still, so you can have very few rainy days and its only few hours a day.

  6. David myers on Jan 08, 2013

    Brenda i was over last Febuary and some days it was not warm enough to sunbathe dont be fooled thinking the winter sun is guaranteed,i have seen it both cool and other days nice and warm, i am over again in March for 3 weeks but i dont expect sunshine everyday its still winter ( i wont complain if it does shine ) hope its nice for you

  7. Brenda on Jan 08, 2013

    Thanks for that, Would a bit of sun 🙂 but will enjoy the rest anyway

  8. David myers on Jan 08, 2013

    Brenda its going to be better than here looks OK on the webcam today

  9. Brenda on Jan 08, 2013

    David. thats so true. Thanks again

  10. MATT JONES on Jan 08, 2013

    We went in late December last year and the weather, like others have said, was hit and miss. Some days were warm and sunny, other days were cloudy and cool and it rained a few times too!

    It was still too cool to be sitting at the beach, but if you sat in a sheltered spot by the pool or on your balcony, then it was warm enough to tan. Sometimes when the weather isn’t brilliant, it’s a good time to get out and explore the island.

    Some people make the mistake in thinking that the Canaries have summer weather all year round. If you go with the feeling that the weather will be pleasant rather than hot you won’t be disappointed.

  11. Steamy on Jan 08, 2013

    Sorry to tell you this but you’ll need to pack warm clothes to wear during the evening, so don’t get caught out.

    So many people turn up at the Airport with just hand luggage and the clothes they’re wearing only to find out what they left the UK wearing has to last them the full week!

    However…….. make sure you take your swimming costumes too – in other words, cater for every eventuality is the best advice.

  12. Brenda on Jan 08, 2013

    Thanks Steamy for that, yes i heard its chilly at night so will be prepared, just a little warnth during the day would be great after the cold and damp of Ireland.
    thanks again

  13. brendan dunne on Jan 08, 2013

    they’re right about the unpredictable weather but on the plus side i spent new years in the canaries a few years ago and the weather was beautiful, mid to high 20’s everyday and warm enough to wear a t-shirt at night.

  14. Damian on Jan 09, 2013

    We’ve sunbathed by the pool and on the beach and got a tan the last 3 years in Feb when the weather is similar to Jan – just keep out of the wind.

    If you’re feeling geeky, this site has just about everything you need to get an idea of the weather http://www.wunderground.com/history/station/60040/2012/1/14/MonthlyHistory.html.

  15. brendan dunne on Jan 10, 2013

    www.thespainweather.net is a national service and is normally very accurate. Wunderground is good but it shows a picture of Fuerteventura instead.

  16. Damian on Jan 10, 2013

    >but it shows a picture of Fuerteventura instead

    I think that’s their nearest webcam-enabled weather station (and not far enough to make much difference weather-wise). I does give you the helpful ability to look at daily videos of the webcam history so you can get a very good feel for the weather patterns if you are so inclined!

  17. David myers on Jan 10, 2013

    I prefer to look at Tu Tuiempo.net which shows the records for the actual weather of previous years and months
    All data is recorded at the airport and if you have a good look at this you will see just how warm or cold it was on any day of the year
    The hottest day last year in Feb was on 17″@ 21.9 deg.
    The coolest day last year in Feb. was on 12″ @ 10.8 deg.
    The av. temp. for the month was 16 deg
    Hope i have read the data correctly

  18. Damian on Jan 10, 2013

    Hi David – many ways to skin a cat!

    FWIW the above link shows you averages, a calendar view of the weather and a full daily history (if you scroll down far enough). And no, I don’t work for wunderground 😉

  19. brendan dunne on Jan 10, 2013


    Just checked out that site. very useful and easy to navigate. thanks

  20. MATT JONES on Jan 13, 2013

    Enjoy your holiday and let us know how you get on with the weather/sunbathing when you get back please.

  21. Brenda on Jan 13, 2013

    Thanks everyone, will enjoy whatever the weather 🙂