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Festivals in lanzarote in August ?

Asked by: 27th May 2011

I know there is usually a festival during the 1st week in august, will it be here this year?


3 Answers

  1. Jules CJ on Jun 02, 2011

    Yes, this is the Fiesta del Carmen held in Puerto del Carmen during this week each year.

  2. Christopher Lewis on Jun 06, 2011

    thanks jules

    its always a good laugh and really brings alot fo life to the old town

  3. Jules CJ on Jun 06, 2011

    The Nuestra Señora del Carmen fiesta passes through the island through the months of July and August as homeage to the Virgin for safe passage for the fishermen. I agree, it is a great atmosphere in the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen especially with the dancing bulls at the fair!