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What is everyones favourite All Inclusive’s in Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 15th March 2012


12 Answers

  1. joan on Mar 16, 2012

    None you should go out and enjoy the local restaurants

  2. John Trengrove on Mar 16, 2012

    Do you own a bar or cafe yourself in CT Joan?
    Very touchy subject the AI on this website.

  3. Jo Carr on Mar 16, 2012

    we just stayed for a week at Sandos Papagayo – it was four stars and we had a fab time. i know AI has major drawbacks for local business – but you have to think of the other advantages. Weve done 2 AIs in Lanzarote in the last 12 months and both times we have spent money on taxis, excursions, and car hire – including buying petrol. Weve eaten out, we have bought toys/gifts in local shops, weve popped into the local shops for snacks and water etc whilst we have been out on trips and exploring. All this has put money in the local economy

    If we hadnt have been able to get an AI deal – we wouldnt have come to Lanzarote at all – and the lack of visitors all together is what is going to kill local trade, because Airlines will pull the cheap flights.

    And lets face it guys – there are too many bars, cafes etc – bubbles always burst and something new comes along

  4. Rachael on Mar 16, 2012

    Not sure Joan’s being touchy John, she does have a point. When I first started going to CT, there were very few AI hotels there and the bars & restaurants were all bustling, both in winter & summer – that’s going back about 8 years. The last time I went in the summer, 3 years ago, most of the bars & restaurants were empty but the resort was packed with people wearing AI wristbands and if you overheard (eavesdropper, me – never!) their conversations, they all complained about the food. After chatting to a restaurant owner last spring, he said that the amount of AI’s was reducing & the restaurants were picking up tradewise. Can’t be a coincidence. Heading out again on 29th April – can’t wait.

    • CheshireGilly on Mar 16, 2012

      Have to agree that it’s not as busy nowadays, maybe the credit crunch though. Was in CT about 6 years ago and you had a choice of entertainers in the beachfront bars, The Pit Stop, The Dolphin and The Sunburnt Arms (now The Waterfront) most nights of the week. Was there last year and again this year, all in Feb and it was very quiet along the beachfront bars. Personally I don’t like AI, give me SC anyday, I like to decide if I want to go out to eat or eat in and if I do go out I want to eat what I want not what is on offer.!!!

  5. John Trengrove on Mar 16, 2012

    Well if she owns a bar or cafe it would explain what I felt was a ‘touchy’ response.
    As regards to the food quality in AI’s, I have never had a problem and as I have said in previous discussions it’s really not too difficult to have a check on Trip Advisor, which gives you a great idea of various accommodation.

    I would also like to add that the food in the local restaurants is not always as good as people on here make out. Not too sure why lots of people on here seem to think that if you go in a local restaurant you are guaranteed a good meal ? Sure I have had excellent meals locally, but I have also been in many and been dissapointed afterwards and left with no choice but to pay the bill.

  6. David myers on Mar 16, 2012

    Have to agree with you Rachael regards how busy every where used to be it was common for familys to wait to be seated in any restaurant now you walk in and pick your own table but in reply to the comment about poor food in AI if thats the case why do people return, i would not go back so i ask is this really the reason, over the last few years when i have stayed on self catering complexes you may be the only family round the pool and in the evening you dont feel as safe when the complex is so empty, plus there are no cheap self catering holidays like there use to be

  7. Rachael on Mar 16, 2012

    Can’t answer as to why people return David. I’ve only ever done AI once, in Majorca. I have to say it was brilliant. Lovely, self contained village. We were on of only 3 other British families there, all the rest were Italian, French & German (with a few Russians for good measure). I thought the food would be awful as it was in the middle of nowhere (no competition) but it was excellent. I personally wouldn’t go AI in a town. My weeks holiday this year has cost me so little it would’ve been rude not to go! £160 each, SC, including flights. Hope the weather’s better than it looks on the webcam today :/

  8. David myers on Mar 16, 2012

    Thats a really good deal well done, last year we stayed in a lovely bungalow and the person who owned it had just bought the ajoining bungalow and i asked if they were getting busier was that the reason for buying, her reply was no but if we had not bought it one of the big hotels would and they house there Moroccan workers in them, if this happens elsewhere it could kill off lots of self catering complexes and make them not nice places to stay

  9. John Trengrove on Mar 16, 2012

    £160 !!! I would like to know more please 🙂

  10. Peter on Mar 16, 2012

    So would i £160.00 can you share your info with us. I might just stop going A.I. at that price.

  11. Rachael on Mar 16, 2012

    Hi John, 1 week self catering at Celeste Apartments in CT, 206 euro (between 2 of us) approx £170, pay the night before you leave if you book through their website (they take the 1st night as a deposit). Flights with Easyjet from Liverpool £80 each (return) on 29th April with 20kg luggage between us. Our return flight was £14.99!!!!!! I thought I’d read it wrong at first. If you’re flexible on dates, there are some good flights to be had. At the Celeste, 1 bed apartment is 28 euro per night until end of April, 30 after that, then I think it goes back down come the Autumn. The only extra expense is travel to & from the airport at each end. Husband comes in handy at this end, get a taxi at the other.