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Family of 5 need house for 6/12 mths any info on long term rents ?

Asked by: 24th April 2012 ,

 We are looking to rent for 6/12 mths to see if children settle in before we buy,  need help with info on long term rentals, and info fom people that have moved with kids about  schools and general living etc….


2 Answers

  1. dave love on Apr 25, 2012

    hi, take a look at this website, they do rentals, and they are very helpful


  2. larry connell on Apr 25, 2012

    Try a website www.ownersdirect.co.uk these are the people that own properties in lanzarote, CT and PDC your can negotiate with the owner, they all live in the uk, houses, villa’s and apartments.
    all priced up for you on a weekly basis but they do it cheaper because it is long term, you want be disappointed just contact the owners.