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Exchange rate in Costa Teguise?

Asked by: 5th March 2011

Can someone let me know the € to £ rate at the moment please


10 Answers

  1. geoff moore on Mar 05, 2011

    just got back thursday we got 1.16

  2. Karen on Mar 05, 2011

    Thanxs for that Geoff – much appreciated

  3. Tracy R on Mar 05, 2011

    Hi Karen, I agree with the above but BEWARE if you change your money in the Asian shops opposite the Teguise Play and Oasislanz on avenida Jablillo they will try to rip you off. They have a sign outside with the exchange rate on but when you change your money they will give you less than they should and claim that the sign outside is if you are changing u.s. travellers cheques when the sign outside quite clearly shows the euro sign. You must go in and ask how much you will get for the amount you are changing before you deal with them. We were conned out of 5 euros in the bazaar 2 opposite Oasislanz and when we challenged him he blatantly lied to us. The same happened in the bazaar opposite the Teguise Playa hotel but when we challenged him he handed over the extra money as though he expected us to ask for it. These places probably offer a better exchange rate than your hotel or apartments will, but ensure you ask how much you will get BEFORE handing over any money.

  4. Kitty on Mar 05, 2011

    Thomas Cook online usually have the best rates before you go. Book it online but pick it up at a shop where you can pay cash. If you order it online you have to pay with a card and the charges wipe out any benefit of the good rates. Another good idea is to get a Post Office credit card. You don’t get charged extra for using it overseas and as they use money market rates rather than tourist rates when converting to sterling the exchange rates they use are usually about 6-8 cents above tourist rates.

  5. Kitty on Mar 05, 2011

    Forgot to say, when you use a credit card make sure you are billed in euros – not sterling

  6. Karen on Mar 06, 2011

    Tracy thanxs – I’m aware of the little ‘scam’ that these shops try and pull they are certainly cheeky!!
    Kitty thanxs for that but its a bit late to get a PO card for this trip so will search for the best rate.

  7. steve on Mar 06, 2011

    The exchange rate for cash is now 1.13.The general rule of thumb for nearly all exchanges is knock off 2 cent on the advertised rate. The current advertised rate is 1.15.

  8. Karen on Mar 06, 2011

    Steve thanxs for confirming that – much appreciated Karen x

  9. Steve Mobius on Mar 08, 2011

    Hi Karen,
    Not sure if this to late for you or not
    we use it everytime we go abroad
    in brief you top the card up in the uk and you take to any free atm to get your money out, most travel agents keep them and will register it and set it up for you on the spot.

    Hope this helps


  10. Karen on Mar 09, 2011

    thanxs to all for your answers – much appreciated x