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Euro rate ?

Asked by: 5th April 2016

What rate are the tobacco shops giving at the moment.  We are coming over in two weeks.


3 Answers

  1. Kevin Burton on Apr 07, 2016

    Rates vary on a daily basis but, as a rule, you get approx 1-2 cents below the bank rate which is better than you will get in the UK unless you open an fx account which you probably will have to if you are thinking of buying a property. you will also need a bank account and before that you need to get NIE numbers.

  2. Wendy on Apr 08, 2016

    Thanks for that. We know how it works but just wanted to know if anyone is over there at the moment to see what the rate is now.

  3. MATT JONES on Apr 11, 2016

    On Sunday when I came home it was 122-23 Euro to GBP in Costa Teguise tobacco shops.