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ESPN Sports in Playa Blanca ?

Asked by: 9th September 2011

In January I tried to catch a football match on ESPN but was told it wasn’t available on th eIsland. Is this correct?


7 Answers

  1. James on Sep 09, 2011

    Not sure about that. Where did you try ? Wax bar and DJs would be the best places to have tried.

  2. James on Sep 09, 2011

    Did you try Wax Bar or DJ’s ? I would be surprised if they didnt have it.

    • Eric on Sep 09, 2011

      It was DJs that told me they couldn’t get ESPN on the Island

  3. James on Sep 09, 2011

    That does suprise me. They do have lots of other channels from the middle east. I have a contact out in Playa Blanca, i will ask the question.

    • Eric on Sep 09, 2011

      Many thanks

  4. John Williamson on Sep 09, 2011

    I know that this probably wont help you but my son and I watched a match on ESPN (on an arabic channel) in a bar in Costa Teguise where most of the bars were able to get it. I would assume PB to be the same.

  5. larry connell on Sep 09, 2011

    Eric, they told you correct, ESPN, is not available in the Canaries, all matches are covered by the Arabic channels, they cover every game in the premiership if that is what you are asking.
    All games come with english commentary, so take a seat, have a drink and watch while the sun shines.