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English on Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 16th March 2011

If I don’t speak spanish yet.. am I able to survive there for a couple of months only with english?

I mean .. do they understand english in grocery stores, etc?


Another thing. I have sent a numerous emails to angencies or individuals with my questions about renting a house or apartment, but no one really answered 🙂 Is it better to stay in a hotel for a couple of days before I look around to find something?

And the last one .. anybody know where to buy a new scooter up to 50ccm there?

Around Playa Blanca.

Google is not my friend this time and has a hard time to find something 🙂


Thank you.




11 Answers

  1. Ali on Mar 17, 2011

    I stayed 2 weeks, and had no problems with English-only at all.
    Well, one time: in post-office in Costa Teguise. 2 very friendly ladies, and they both don’t know even 1 word in English. So, it was tricky. But other times, no problems.

  2. Lanzarote Business Association on Mar 17, 2011

    To be honest, you will be fine with English to start with. But once you are here it is advisable to start to learn some Spanish, as you do tend to find staff in shops etc a lot more helpful if they at least see you trying to speak Spanish.

    The one place that English won’t really help is if you are using the social security doctors here, as not many speak English, but if you go private it is fine.

  3. gordon on Mar 17, 2011

    me no hablo espanol either…. theres plenty of places that speak english, all the touts speak english. and to make things worse we speak broad geordie and they understand us lol..

  4. Stan on Mar 17, 2011

    Thank you for your answers guys!

  5. Stan on Mar 17, 2011

    And what if I need to setup internet access .. do they speak english on info line?


  6. gordon on Mar 17, 2011

    theres internet cafes, and all the pcs can do english… but there keyboards are slightly diff to ours.. to get the @ sign.. you have to hold ctrl, alt, 2 ….

  7. Stan on Mar 17, 2011

    Well. Thank you for your info, but I was talking about ADSL for my home. Lets say that I would like to call Telefonica and find out when can they come to install a modem. D they speak english on the info lines?

  8. Lanzarote Business Association on Mar 18, 2011

    Yes they do speak English, when it give you the options to start with just say “English” and you will be out through to an English speaking operator.

  9. Stan on Mar 18, 2011

    Great! Thank you guys a lot! I’ll see you in Lanzarote!

  10. Eric on Mar 18, 2011

    Don’t agree with the statement re doctors. I unfortunately had to go to the general hospital in Aricife and found that the receptionist, portar, nurse and doctor all had good to fair english. My problem is I am trying to learn spanish but when i go on holiday here and try to speak it, the locals tend to answer me in english!

  11. gordon on Mar 18, 2011

    i remember the 1st time we wer there, i needed selotape, and the cashier didnt speak english so had a good game of charades, it worked.