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Ease of getting a job around September/October ?

Asked by: 10th May 2011

My partner and I are looking to come out to Lanzarote around that time. We will both be 22 at this time. We are looking at 6 months depending on what work is available. We are flexible to most jobs; bar work, waitressing, hotel work… Our Spanish is not fluent, although we have a lot of basic langauge. How easy do you think it is going to be for us to get a job in any of these sectors, at that time of year? Any help would be great, thank you!


2 Answers

  1. Peter on May 12, 2011

    Hi Rebecca

    Your question is close to “…how long is a string” – probably why you haven’t had one response so far – hmm…
    It’s difficult to respond as you haven’t indicated WHERE you are going..to Costa Teguise… Porto del Carmen etc. etc. – if you don’t indicate WHERE…who will be able to help you ?
    However, when you have decided WHERE you will stay, I can only suggest you start “banging” on doors when you have arrived and MAYBE you will get lucky…
    We have been visiting Lanzarote/Costa Teguise for 7 years for app. 8 weeks each year and over the years, e.g. in the bars it seems it’s the same faces we see each time we are there and many are from England so it should probably be possible for you to find a job after the “knocking on doors” actions…good luck…


  2. Rebecca on May 12, 2011

    To be honest, we havent indicated an area ourselves, although Puerto del Carmen is coming up trumps in accommodation. So it will be more than likely there. I do agree this question is very vague! But reading other forums, it does seem that the easiest way is to ‘knock on doors’. We too enjoy CT but apartments are more scarce and appear to be more money! Thank you for the help, and luck!