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Dolphin Bar – Is it still open? plus the damn weather ?

Asked by: 19th July 2011 ,


Is the Dolphin Bar still open in CT??

Am in CT for the 6th time on the 2nd Aug and its one of the places I like to go.

Also, looking at the webcam the last couple of days; it doesnt look great?  Is it just a bad couple of days or have we picked the wrong time of the year? 🙁




6 Answers

  1. Michael on Jul 19, 2011

    If you speak about the Dolphin Inn, located on the promenade of beach Las Cucharas, yes its still open.

    For the weather, its true its quite cloudy this month, but mostly everyday after 1pm clouds are gone thanks to the trade winds.

  2. Kevin Burton on Jul 20, 2011

    Yes it is open, and very hospitable if you are a Birmingham City fan. Weather has been unusual this last couple of months with more cloud than usual. You have not chosen the wrong time of year to visit as the climate is normally very agreeable in August with temperatures at 28-30 degree and a cooling breeze.I hope the weather settles down for you and you enjoy your holiday.

  3. David myers on Jul 20, 2011

    Michael everyone says the cloud clears by 1pm thats 7 hours after sunrise i dont think thats out to shout about. surprise surptise 5-20pm web cam still showing could its not getting any better

  4. Catherine on Jul 20, 2011

    Oh no…… Does that mean no tan for me?
    Every time in the past few visits weather always been great.
    By the way, hubby Villa fan which is why we like the dolphin.
    Thanks for the replies guys, really do love coming to the island, just hope nice enough to get bikini on.

  5. debbie entwistle on Jul 21, 2011

    Nobody can control the weather and it will still be nice and warm!! Just enjoy it whatever the weather, that’s what We’ll be doing when we get there in 4 weeks :0

  6. David myers on Jul 21, 2011

    Hope you do enjoy your hols Debbie but it really spoils it when you fly 2000mls to get nice weather and the clouds hang about till midday or longer lets all be honest this is not what any of us want, in June i suffered lots of cloud and even rain as i said previously no one likes to admit the climate is changing in lanzarote which is a shame