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does the oasis lanz do all inclusive ?

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42 Answers

  1. steve on Jul 08, 2011

    why would you want to come AI to such a beautiful island as this and a resort that is cheaper than most places in Europe?

  2. John Williamson on Jul 09, 2011

    Have to agree. Did AI once. Never again. Find it much cheaper to book online flights and accommodation and go self catering. Why spend all your time in one complex when there are so many fabulous bars and restaurants in the resort. In Costa Teguise you are spoilt for choice.

  3. PAUL LIGHTFOOT on Jul 09, 2011

    well the reason is im taking 7 kids so when i am on the resort it would obviously cost me alot of money on ice creams and cold drinks all day long been 2 lanzarote 5 times and have been all over,and do agree it is a beautiful island.

  4. steve on Jul 09, 2011

    maybe its just me but i would not provide my kids with endless pop and ice cream all day long whilst i was on my holidays. AI is destroying the island and the sooner people realise that the better.
    AI belongs in places that are unsafe to go out in, not on islands like these.If people keep coming AI there may not be a resort to come to eventually.Sorry if you disagree but its a bone of contention!

  5. David myers on Jul 10, 2011

    well put steve your spot on,at least we know what to avoid AI

  6. John Williamson on Jul 10, 2011

    Agree 100% Steve. AI is doing L anzarote no good at all and the sooner the powers that be realise this and put an end to it the better in my opinion.

  7. John Williamson on Jul 10, 2011

    Just to add. I have a couple of friends who own bars in CT and AI is doing them no favours.

  8. PAUL LIGHTFOOT on Jul 10, 2011

    only asked a simple question you all wanna calm down sorry i asked now ha ha

    • PAUL LIGHTFOOT on Jul 10, 2011


  9. John Williamson on Jul 10, 2011

    Sorry got a bit carried away there. In answer to your question I dont think they do. I have two friends who go there twice a year (always self catering) and they have never mentioned an AI option. They tell me that the apartments are basic but very clean and great value for money and the staff are great. Never been in them but they look good. My mates bar is right across the road from them so if you go there go into Broons Bar and tell Gary the owner that John from Edinburgh sent you and he’ll look after you. The Oasis Lanz is right in the centre of the resort and is on the doorstep of almost everything in CT. Sorry I cant be of any more help but wherever you stay I am sure you will have a ball.

  10. PAUL LIGHTFOOT on Jul 10, 2011

    ta john much appreciated i will defo b going the bars we got friends over there to at cactus jacks but defo go to broons and mention to gary u said its a free bar ha ha thanks for ur input m8

  11. Julie on Jul 11, 2011

    No Oasis Lanz do not do AI. The local restaurants are fabulous. Try the El Maestro, that was my favorite.

  12. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 12, 2011

    thank god for all inclusive,been to teguise a few times and done most of the bar and can i say, most bars i wouldnt take my dog to there,bad food,poor drinks and a lick of paint wouldnt go a miss.so now the most hotels are going all inclusive i can now start to fully enjoy teguise in all its splender

  13. steve on Jul 12, 2011

    i know do not feed the troll!!
    Sorry i cant resist- you can fully enjoy Costa Teguise´s pleasure by staying in one hotel for the time of your holiday. Please name and shame all these terrible bars and restaurants that you would not take your dog into!

  14. steve on Jul 12, 2011

    could i also ask you why you have just stated that you had just got back from PDC and had been out drinking around town, stating the prices!
    I thought you came to Costa not PDC?
    If AI was that good,why pay to go out drinking around town as well, surely your paying for your twice!

  15. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 14, 2011

    well steve,as you think people who go all inclusive only stay the hotel for the duration.can i say i enjoy to hire a car for a couple a days and travel about the island to see it outstanding sights,but never mind steve.as for going out on the evenings i also enjoy the night life,must inclusives finish at at elevan(thats pm steve),i also like to socialise with people steve.now if there if any thing more your unsure of steve?

    • steve on Jul 15, 2011

      Yep mate just a few of things:
      Please name all these bars that you would not take your dog into, as the food and drink is that bad?
      When was the last time you stayed AI in Costa, as you have just returned from PDC?
      Do you think you are a majority or a minority in your holiday actions?
      I know what my name is but thank you for reminding me or is that for your own benefit?
      And if you want to be pedantic – i am not sure what time elevan is? pm or otherwise.
      Finally, if going AI was that good, why would you need to venture out and spend more money when everything is included?

  16. sam on Jul 15, 2011

    well tim fi devil you like the word steve alot i think personally AI should stop its ruining a lovely island and bars
    ive not been in one yet what is not fit for a dog
    bars would do a lick of paint if they could afford it but when you dont get customers due to AI how can they ?
    and to me its about the people behind the bar and people in it what counts

    • John Williamson on Jul 15, 2011

      Totally agree with what you say. AI is ruining a wonderful holiday destination. AI is ok for destinations where it is not safe to leave the hotel complex but Lanzarote is not one of them. As for Tim Fi Devil saying there are bars he would not take his dog into he should name and shame them as I cant for the life of me think of any (not in CT anyway).

  17. Peter Lammas on Jul 16, 2011

    Should just ban Al and have done with it. Been coming to costa teguise for 26 yrs and seen the problems it’s caused, just big companies wanting more and draging down standards while they get it.

  18. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 17, 2011

    hello all,not getting into the game of naming and shaming,that can get peps into bother ha ha ha.but can i say,there are a lot of good bars aswell,so still plenty of night life to enjoy,Ive spoke to a lot of bar owners and they say al isnt affecting trade,people are still going out and sending,so both can co-exist.ive seen people with al bands still eating out or going for drinks,so they are still getting trade.as for the large companies coming in and lowing standards,no they are inhancing the area,larger companies mean more jobs,a better standard of hotel.well as they say you get what you pay for and what ive paid for has been more than adequate and to a good standard.i was over in june of this year and hopfully will be back oct/nov time to enjoy another holiday in teguise

  19. steve on Jul 17, 2011

    Tim Fi Devil – If there are good bars as well,why bother putting the place down in the first place!

    I live here and and know many, many business owners and not one thinks that AI is not affecting trade. Jobs in the hotels are scarce and the numbers of staff have been reduced.This i am told, is because they have to make the money they are given fit in with the product they are supplying.

    The usual reason people are eating out with wristbands on is because , as far as they are concerned,the food and drink in the AI is average to say the least.

    The hotels need modernisation, on the whole – as you stated, “a lick of paint” is needed.If AI brought in that much revenue, do you not think they would have been improved by now. Only the travel companies benefit from AI.

  20. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 17, 2011

    im not putting the place down just some bars,(which im not going to shame).I like teguise thats why i keep coming back twice a year.it has outstanding sights and very friendly people.ive been sc and al so i know what im on about.the way the euro is,al is better for families,it serves there needs better and as there are a lot of people losing there jobs in england, al is a cheaper way that families can afford to holiday holidays in teguise.so al shouldnt be put down as quick.

  21. Kevin Burton on Jul 17, 2011

    Wow ! I’ve never seen such atrocious spelling and punctuation is it symptomatic of staying A1? Traders in CT are definitely suffering and so are the people staying AI because CT has so much to offer from a variety of quality bars and restaurants and only by using these can we be assured of keeping a first class destination vibrant and thriving.

  22. steve on Jul 17, 2011

    “The way the Euro is”. Simple maths for you:
    3 years ago, a large local beer was 2.50euro. Now it is 1.50euro. A branded spirit and mixer was 5.00euro minimum, now it is 3.50euro on average. You can get Chinese buffet, all you can eat, for 4.00euro – 3 years ago there were no buffets at this price in town. The exchange rate 3 years ago was around 1.45 to the pound, now it is 1.09.

    Simply put, you are getting far more for your money, eating and drinking out than you were 3 years ago in Costa Teguise.Are the businesses doing it because they want to?No, its because they have to to fight for their piece of the market by offering cheaper deals.If large amounts of people were not holed up in their hotels day and night, this would not be necessary.

    Tell me, if AI was 150.00 pounds per head more, would you still come AI?

    Tell me, if AI is such good value for money why are people finding the need to complain, constantly, to the reps about its quality?

    Customers who i meet, who are staying AI but have come out because the standard is poor, are amazed at the low prices in the resort. Some claim they were misinformed by travel companies, about how expensive it is here and that is the reason why they booked AI in the first place.

    I met an AI family last week, who mentioned how quiet it was around town, both day and night. I asked them how their hotel was, they said “packed but nobody moves”. They answered their own question and realised it.

    On a final note, you love Teguise that much, you come here twice a year. However, you are telling people on another thread on this site you have just returned from PDC.

  23. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    just to say,never once have i spoke of PDC and kevin when i what the moneky to dance,i’ll play it’s happy dance.one last question-which one of you runs or owns a bar in teguise?

  24. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    sorry kevin want

  25. Kevin Burton on Jul 18, 2011

    What is a moneky?

  26. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    ha ha ha,never mind.in reality, wheather the bars stay open or close,it won’t be a loss to MOST people who enjoy they holidays in teguise,now that al is most hotels.kevin you are a sad little man

  27. steve on Jul 18, 2011

    Just answer my questions man! Are they that difficult or that you just do not want to answer them.

    To answer your question, i am a bar owner in COSTA Teguise. Teguise is the old capital in the middle of the island.

    Genuine holiday makers to the island do care about what happens to bars and restaurants in all resorts. Your final statement makes it clear that you are not a genuine lover of the island and only come here because you can get a cheap deal. When things turn full circle and either AI is no longer required or if the prices go up significantly to make it sensible – will you be still coming here and will anybody miss you if you do not?

  28. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    thats right,i go for my holidays,it’s sunny all year round.a lot of people go for the cheap deals and if it wasn’t for people like me coming and sending money in the bars,you wouldn’t have a business.so you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.but thanks for answering my question it explains everything but never mind roll oct/nov for a winter in the sun

  29. steve on Jul 18, 2011

    I can assure you that you have never fed me, nor would you not coming here, have any effect on my business. Remember you would not take your dog in most bars in Costa and most need a lick of paint, so i do not think any of us would miss you.Is it possible to miss 100% of something that you have never had?

    I have plenty of customers who come here because they are devotees of the island not cheapees, who only want a bargain holiday.You will find somewhere else to go once the price goes up.

    I, at least bothered to answer your question but you could not be bothered to answer any of mine.

    You sum yourself up in the other thread that you have joined in on with your statement to a postee – ” but you are like most women just sponge your drinks!!!

  30. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    how would you know?which bar do you own? so why are you twisting on about al if you have so many devotees?if i want a cheap hol i would go to turkey and no i wont be going somewhere else if the price goes up.i would answer the questions if i feel it requires answer.

  31. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 18, 2011

    never mind,it’s been fun but time for me to move on,bigger better xxx

  32. steve on Jul 18, 2011

    Questions are there to be answered, thats why they are questions.

    Is AI cheaper in Turkey than coming here?

    Think before you type, its a great rule of thumb and never type anything you cannot back up or be prepared to answer. You do more back tracking than an MP.

  33. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 19, 2011

    to answer your question-yes,you can but its the transfers that put me off.as for the drink comment, that was said in jest.lets go back to the question that the chap asked or in your case, lets start questioning his parenting skills,it just needed yes/no or unsure,why?what he does as a parent has nothing to do with you,it was a simple question.look,i hope you manger to keep your head above water and ride it out,good luck,but as a person you are very narrow minded,your way or the highway,look at the big picture friend or you’ll end up going under, thats all i’m say

  34. steve on Jul 19, 2011

    Where did i question his parenting skills?i said what i would normally do – not what he should do.
    Its a bit like you stating ” but you are like most women just sponge your drinks”not only narrow minded but also chauvinistic – joking or not.Look at how many people agree with your comments and mine and you decide who is narrow minded.

    My head is very well above water and thank you for your concern. The only poster that has taken issue with my comments is you.Your original post sparked this big debate with your mindless comment of the state of the resort and your justification of going AI in Costa, despite just returning from PDC.You could not even back up your post with any proof and quickly backtracked from you original post.If you have finished, i will take the shovel, the holes a bit deep now and you must get sick of the soil hitting the back of your head.

    I will seek guidance from you when you seek guidance on how to use spell check from me.

  35. Tim Fi Devil on Jul 19, 2011

    look back,to quote you-(steve on july 09 2011)maybe its just me but i would not provide my kids with endless pop and ice cream all day long whilst i was on my holidays. end quote.but that would be ok if they where sat in your bar all day spending money on drinking endless glasses of pop and ice cream?yes i back tracked but not as far as you for the drinks comment.never mind steve.i wonder wheather if you do own a bar?or just a lot of hot wind.look friend this is my last post because this is getting long in the tooth,if you wish to continue our friendly chats let me know which bar you own and when i come over i’ll pop in for a cold one?so till then steve

  36. Helene gash on Jul 19, 2011

    Oh boy think I’ve lost the will to live. Stop fighting and enjoy whatever holiday you prefer. 38 posts for a simple question think that is a bit over the top. Hope I’ve spelt everything correctly. LOL

  37. steve on Jul 19, 2011

    Obviously, the words “maybe its just me” mean something different to you?

    I do own a bar, its no secret but i really would rather do without your trade.

    To everybody else that has had to endure this discussion, i apologise for its length and content but i am passionate about this island and i do not like it being put down by sweeping statements that have no basis.

  38. PAUL LIGHTFOOT on Jul 19, 2011

    hi steve its me who asked the simple question ha ha,anyway m8 me the wife and kids are over in september ,be good to pop in and see you and have a nice cold beer,we to love the island and costa teguise and that my friend is why we come back every year.

  39. steve on Jul 19, 2011

    I look forward to seeing you then.