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Does anyone know where you can get Bulmers-Magners at a non rip off price in CT?

Asked by: 29th June 2013

…or can anyone advise of a decent alternative? Sorry to lower the tone……:o)


3 Answers

  1. Ian Ewen on Jun 29, 2013

    I think you can get bottles of Magners in La Esquina bar and they also have Strongbow on draught and they will be at reasonable prices.

  2. Joe Strummer on Jul 01, 2013

    You can – if you are going to be a regular customer for Steve/Alana – I have seen them get what you want bought in for the duration of your hols – drop in and ask them

    • Roy Stevenson on Jul 01, 2013

      Someone could make a pile by opening a real cider bar as opposed to the alcoholic pop mostly made with apple concentrate and served up in bottles. Keep the cops busy too!