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does anyone know where the new bar grill called 5th avenue is opening in costa teguise ?

Asked by: 3rd May 2013


8 Answers

  1. jude on May 04, 2013

    it’s opening next friday evening jennifer, it’s along by playa bastian overlooking villa toledo restaurant and next door to casa felix and domus pompei.

  2. rhea67a on May 04, 2013

    I’ve just got back from costa teguise, and places were closing down every where. Good news if some where new is opening, but we went round most of the resort and didn’t see any where new?

  3. jude on May 05, 2013

    like most tourist resorts all over the world , lanzarote is a transient island so you will find bars closing AND opening quite regularly, they also change hands for various reasons not just because of lack or tourists! retirement,homesickness, relocation , bad management, or the government finally catching up with non tax payers!! to name a few.
    i often hear people say ‘ oh there are loads of places closing down’ without actually being able to mention the bars/restaurants by name, i’d be interested to hear which bars you noticed had actually closed rhea67a? and maybe the reasons too?.
    anyway! the restaurant the original poster is asking about is definitely opening next week

  4. jennifer mcfadzean on May 06, 2013

    Hi Jude
    Thanks for letting me know that will give it a visit when we are back over it should do well
    as in a lovely location.
    Thanks again Jennifer

  5. mike on May 06, 2013

    rhea67a….. so what places are closing down? actual names.

  6. fast eddie on May 07, 2013

    good luck to the new Owners. CT is blessed with quite a few decent restaurantS at the moment!
    keep them coming!

  7. rhea67a on May 07, 2013

    As I only visit costa teguise once a year, I don’t know all the names of restaurants / bars, but did notice a few places that had closed, that were open last April,
    Popeyes was one place , a Chinese restaurant also, don’t know it’s name! And a coule of other bars seemed closed whilst walking. I wish the new bar good luck with their opening and look forward to paying them a visit in the future

  8. jude on May 07, 2013

    popeyes closed after being bought by a guy who also bought 3 or 4 other bars/restaurants and managed them so badly he ran out of money and has now left the island, such a shame for the staff at popeyes as it used to be a very popular bar, luckily his other venues have been resold,
    the chinese next door to it was closed for nearly 2 months as they were away in china for a family wedding! hope that answers some of the queries , some bars may have been closed for holidays, tho not all of them will bother to put notices on their windows to let people know this, which in the current climate is a bit shortsighted!
    on a good note there is a new bar/restaurant opening next door to the cutty sark, formerly crazy lounge, will post more when i find out lol