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Does anyone know the times of catholic masses & nearest church to Matagorda?

Asked by: 6th March 2013


3 Answers

  1. Dazzaf on Mar 06, 2013

    Hi Jane, have a look on … < - link removed by ADMIN, see ABOUT > FAQ.2 ->

    this gives a link to the roman catholic churches.

    We got married in Nuestra Señora de Candelaria which is in Tías, its beautiful.


  2. Paul D on Mar 06, 2013

    Hiya Jane

    Have a look at this link from the Lanzarote Gazette online magazine..


    Theres no specific mention of a catholic service but theres a few numbers for other churches which you could ring and just ask the question ? Just an idea.

    • Jane on Mar 06, 2013

      thanks Paul