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Does anyone know if gary and Jill from the highlander bar have opened another bar ?

Asked by: 7th February 2015



3 Answers

  1. Mick Garvey on Feb 07, 2015

    I have heard on the grapevine they have packed up and gone to Benidorm to open a shop selling male and female underware and various items of an adult nature.

  2. Marian Walker on Feb 08, 2015

    Rumour is they have purchased the old Scots & Wry?

  3. Frank on Feb 08, 2015

    Just back and the cleaners were in Scots and Wry giving it a good clean out. Afterwards they put new signs in the windows saying ‘Lease for Sale’. I assume therefore despite rumours no one has taken up this lease.

    The Highlander is undergoing a major refurb, it’s only a shell at present with the builders in.

    La Vida has reopened as ‘The Venue’ but don’t know the owners – they didn’t appear to be British.

    No sign of Gary and Jill anywhere.