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Does anyone have contact details/web site for Oasis Lanz owners support group please?

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4 Answers

  1. Christopher Lewis on Jun 24, 2011

    Hi Craig

    Hopefully this link helps


    • Craig on Jun 24, 2011

      Thanks Christopher – but I am looking for the support group/ committee of owners that was set up long before Grand Holidays became involved – but I do appreciate your response

      • Brenda Baggott on Jun 25, 2011

        Hi Craig the person who ran the support group was called John ??? going to Oasis Lanz in 2 weeks, have been going for 12 years but never bought time share went privately, since Grand holidays have taken over everything to do with support group has disappeared, should be able to find out info for you no probs, send me your email add.

        • Craig on Jun 25, 2011

          Hi Brenda
          Many thanks for your response. I have just come back from there – and many things are changing due to Grand Holidays – including the total disappearance of anything to do with the support group. The reception staff are obviously under strict orders in this respect and it was very difficult for them.
          If you could provide any details it would be greatly appreciated.

          My address is “craigmason328-(at)-btinternet.com”

          Many thanks