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Do I need a new passport ?

Asked by: 6th December 2011

My passport runs out February 2012 and i travel 6th Jan to 16 January 2012 is this valid? Do i need a new one?


13 Answers

  1. debbie entwistle on Dec 06, 2011

    Yes, you have to have 6 months left on your return date so you will need a new one. I would get a move on if I were you as they take a few weeks to come through!!

  2. Tracy R on Dec 06, 2011

    We travelled to and from Lanzarote in Oct 2011 and our passports run out in Jan 2012 we had no problems. We rang the spanish consulate in London before we travelled and they told us as long as your passport is valid on the day you return there isn’t a problem. Why don’t you give them a call to put your mind at rest. Have a great holiday.

  3. Karen on Dec 06, 2011

    if you use the ‘check and send’ sevice through the post office it can come back as quickly as a week – 10 days from when you apply

  4. David myers on Dec 06, 2011

    Pauline just read Tracey R comments she as got it dead right you wont have any problems with your passport but just make the phone call as she says to put your mind at rest

  5. Karen on Dec 06, 2011

    also just like to add that they will add any remaining months left on your passport to the new one

  6. David myers on Dec 06, 2011

    Karen i used the check and send service at the p/office and they missed a detail that i had not filled in seemed a waste of money because it got sent back to me to sort i thought i had payed them to sort it, my son has just renewed his and it was back in a week without the check and send service

  7. Karen on Dec 07, 2011

    David sorry to hear that you had problems I suppose they’re human too – but if your paying what adds up to a lot of money per passport them it should be correct!!!!!!

  8. jude on Dec 07, 2011

    have travelled to the uk and back to lanzarote again with only a month remaining on my passport no problem, the 6 month rule only applies to travel outside the eu.

  9. Barbara Robinson on Dec 10, 2011

    The Post Office check and send service is (usually) excellent. If, however, a mistake is made by the PO staff member, the customer gets a refund of the £8.17 checking fee.

  10. David myers on Dec 10, 2011

    Well Barbara i think what your saying makes sense but i was offered no refund plus they could nt understand why i was not happy with there service, i use there other services and find them excellent

  11. gordon on Dec 11, 2011

    my gfs passport ends on feb 4th. wer travelling the 12th jan till 19th… and shes not worried at all… we know its valid when we get back..

  12. Louise on Dec 15, 2011

    Your passport needs to be valid for travel dates only for Lanzarote.

  13. Roy Stevenson on Dec 19, 2011

    Be on the safe side and check with your airline as well.