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Is there an English speaking dentist in or near to Playa Blanca ?

Asked by: 29th February 2012


2 Answers

  1. Michael on Mar 01, 2012

    Dont know if they speak english, but they are in Playa Blanca :

    Name :
    Clínica Dental “Y Estética Endodent S.L.”
    Dr. Manuel Pérez Ríos, colegiado 35000417.

    Phone :
    (00 34) 928 349 184

    Street :
    Calle Galana, 3

  2. johnny robinson on Mar 02, 2012

    I know of this dentist and he speaks little english. If you need a tooth pulling just motion to him by pulling a clenched fist away from your mouth, he will get the gist and get on with the job of pulling it. When you are in the chair hold his balls in your hand then if he hurts you ,you can hurt him. Best of luck.