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Dave and Beth in Highlander Bar ?

Asked by: 16th October 2012

I’ve heard that Dave and Beth who ran the Scots and Wry up until June this year are now in the Highlander Bar at the other side of the square.

Can anyone confirm this and what is The Highlander like ?

Have they made any changes ?


8 Answers

  1. Marian Walker on Oct 16, 2012

    They are in the Highlander Bar 3 nights per week Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. the bars is near the Celeste apartments.

  2. Frank on Oct 17, 2012

    Thanks Marian, I’m sure they’ll make a difference there as it’s not a bar I would normally frequent.

    Maybe they’ll get their old customers from the S&Wry popping in to see them.

    Let me know if you hear how it’s going.

  3. Marian Walker on Oct 17, 2012

    Will do Frank we are going out on 22nd November so will comment when we come back.

  4. RAY on Oct 17, 2012

    was in the highlander in august,Gary was the landlord then,has he left.

  5. Marian Walker on Oct 18, 2012

    Dont know who the landlord is but beth & dave are now there on those nights.

    • Bob Anderson on Nov 04, 2012

      The owners are most certainly Gary & Jill Boulton.Very nice hard working people.Hospitallity first class.Looking forward to frequenting the Highlander on 10 day holiday at the end of November.

  6. Frank on Oct 19, 2012

    Marian, Gary and Jill are the owners and we’ve met them. They are very nice.

    Give my love to Dave and Beth when you’re over.

  7. Marian Walker on Oct 21, 2012

    Will do Frank