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currency in costa tequise ?

Asked by: 4th May 2011

what is the current currency exchange rate in costa tequise?


4 Answers

  1. Peter on May 04, 2011

    …well, depending where you buy the Euro’s which is the currency…at the present time it is app. 1.05 euro’s to each pound – however, look around and buy before you arrive to Costa Teguise and don’t buy in the airports either.


    • mike on May 04, 2011

      that aint a good rate really then, suprising as me and my partner go costa tequise every year and the exchange rate is usually better than back home but at the minute it is slightly better over here. I would never exchange at airports as they are the worst rate. anyway thankyou for letting me know, we aint going till the end of june so i will try again closer to the time.

  2. Andy on May 09, 2011

    Hi Mike was there last week exchange rates in the tobacco shops were slightly better than at home in the uk only by 1c though. i got 1.10 here in the uk and in costa teguise they where giving 1.11

    Enjoy your holiday!!!

  3. mike on May 10, 2011

    thanks andy, the current rate is still 1.10, slightly better than 1.07 last week, hopefully it will stay above 1.10 and even better. will enjoy the 2 week stay in 7 weeks! cant wait