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Crime on the island ?

Asked by: 3rd April 2015

Many reports of thieves breaking in while people are sleeping…


4 Answers

  1. nigel ball on Apr 03, 2015

    Christ, don’t say this. The last time I raised the issue of crime in the recession on the island question I was shot down by those that look through rose tinted glasses.

  2. Marian Walker on Apr 03, 2015

    We have not heard of this before even although we have had 19 visits to the Island but I am sure there is crime as there is everywhere. A bit alarming always use safe deposit box that is why I would not go back to the Celeste Apartments as the safe deposit boxes were down stairs from reception which was only open 9.00am till 9.00pm.

  3. David myers on Apr 03, 2015

    I know of two cases where people were sleeping in the afternoon and stupidly left the doors unlocked
    When they woke all there cash, credit cards passports and camera had been taken
    One point worth mentioning is to make sure all rear doors are locked after the maids have done the cleaning depending where your staying
    Its all about being careful other wise it will disappear like anywhere else

  4. nigel ball on Apr 04, 2015

    Crime id prevalent everywhere, no matter how quiet or decent a community looks on the surface. It’s human nature for crime and criminals to exist. Where you have ‘passing trade’, i.e. increases in numbers of transient people bringing cash & valuables, you will have crime.

    Thankfully, crime is generally only petty theft and not drink/drugs related assault. What irks me is the blind insistence from many that NO crime exists in Lanzarote.

    Keeps your eyes open, use common sense and don’t believe Lanzarote is some sort of Nirvana This is not to say I love the place!).