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Costa Teguise more life in a cemetery ?

Asked by: 2nd March 2012

just came back from PDC, great time, especially in “Spenders”, the only downside was a day in CT, to say it was busy would be flattering CT, it was dead as a doornail.

I know people like a bit of peace and quiet but this was like a day at the local cemetery, let me have your thoughts please on whether you have just been and thought it was quiet.


23 Answers

  1. dave w on Mar 02, 2012

    ct is a fantastic resort. been going for 15 years or more. but if all you want is night clubs fish & chip shops and the general ” british tourist ” type of resort stick to pdc. i dont think ct will miss you.

    • Steve on Mar 03, 2012

      Hi, Ct is a lovely resort,nice beaches,and in the evenings around the square, there is a good atmosphre.On the other hand we love going to PDC.we like the buzz on a night and the beaches and sea during the day.We have been going to Lanzarote for the past eight years and have fallen in love with it. PDC is a lot busier and there is a lot more choice of resteraunts.We are in our mid fifties and we do not find PDC noisey or full of lager louts,we tend to go out of season,out of school holidays,we are visiting again next month and cannot wait. Hope this is of some help!

  2. Kitty on Mar 02, 2012

    Spot on answer Dave. Totally agree

  3. mike leacy on Mar 02, 2012

    after such an exciting time in pdc how could tg compare,no teens drunk in the street,no rowdy stag and hen partys v good bars and a good social crowd,yeah i think i know where i want to b. u 2 when u grow up.

  4. jude on Mar 02, 2012

    glad you had a nice holiday but dont come on here to just critisise other resorts,you cant give a real review of a place after spending one day there, some people could say the same if they happen to pass thro another resort on a quiet day, the resort is a different shape to pdc and at certain times may appear quieter beacause not all of its visitors are walking along the same road!, and if its a nice day i would asume most people would be sunbathing. anyway its horses for courses, thats why the resorts are all different, its called personal choice!!

  5. steve on Mar 02, 2012

    So how many hours constitutes a day now?

  6. Barbara Wood on Mar 03, 2012

    Sorry to hear you feel like this about Costa Tequise, yes the resort is much quieter than PDC because its more upmarket, no lager louts or multiple discos blaring out music till the early hours. Its ideal for couples and young families but if you want lots of action then PDC is for you! We have been coming to Lanzarote for almost 20 years now 2-3 time a year, have stayed in PDC a couple of times but prefer costa Tequise and have made many friends there, in fact we are going to CT at the end of this month with a party of 10 and all looking forward to it. I would say give the place a try you cant judge somewhere on a day visit but everyone is entitled to their opinion… hope you had a nice holiday!

  7. martin webster on Mar 03, 2012

    just returned from CT seemed a bit busier then usual But I hope it never gets as busy as PDC I am sure people who prefer PDC to CT would love Benidorm and Magaluff !!!

  8. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Mar 03, 2012

    We are off to CT tomorrow, we go around 3 or 4 times a year and love it. We hire a car and travel the Island and we always love to get back to CT. Of course it can be quiet but we have also had many a lively time around the bars and clubs as well. We are no prudes and love a drink and a laugh. Have dropped in to PDC a few times and it just wasnt for us……….agree with other users here give CT a chance as we were told the same 3yrs ago and now going back for the 11th time so cant be that bad eh? lol Fantastic beaches bars restaurants and the friendliest people we have ever met. No louts no timeshare or people standing on the street to drag you in…….Oh wait sorry they do ask you if you have eaten but after you have said a polite yes/no they always say have a nice evening and maybe next time. Classy little place with nice people …Love it

  9. MATT JONES on Mar 03, 2012


    We have stayed at PDC, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca. Our favourite resort being Playa Blanca.

    The only part of PDC that we enjoyed was the old town around the harbour area and we did find the rest of the resort to be geared towards young people.

    Playa Blanca is far nicer and has a more ‘refined’ feel to it. We took my Mum (70) last time and she couldn’t believe how safe and relaxed she felt there. We took here to lots of places on the island, but we gave PDC a miss.

    It’s about 5 years since we tried CT. but having seen the webcam and read the reviews on here about the place, I think we will be trying it again in the next few months. Sands Resort seems like a good place to try and I certainly want to visit Famara for the first time.

  10. David myers on Mar 03, 2012

    I have been to all the resorts in Lanzarote and i find C.T. the least appealling im not saying its rubbish but i find P Blanca much nicer, in reply to comments regarding P D Carmen being full of louts and loud music i find this is not the case unless your in the centre but the surrounding areas are really nice and quiet, i think this is why i prefer P Blanca as i feel it has the best mix but if people prefer C.T. i have no problem with that as long as you enjoy it thats all that matters plus it only takes one loud mouth to spoil any holiday anywhere

  11. Jackie on Mar 03, 2012

    Does any one know what is happening with the Teguise Playa. I’ve heard the bank has taken it over, is there any truth in this. i don’t want to book if there is going to be problems. We heard rumblings last year too. We go every November but were thinking of going twice this year June and November. Any ideas?

  12. David myers on Mar 04, 2012

    Hi Dave w you just have me wondering C.T as you say is a fantasic resort and i have no problem with that but are you not a british tourist

  13. larry connell on Mar 04, 2012

    Well it looks like I have opened a can of worms on this subject, in answer to some of the comments posted on here, I stayed in C.T, some years ago, on the playa bastion complex, I enjoyed my stay there, been back a couple of times and still like the place but found it very quiet, this time it was as i put it ” like a day at the cemetery”.
    So to put the matter straight, I am not a lager lout, I am 59 years of age, I hate fish and chips, I have never seen people lying in the streets of PDC, vomiting or fighting as they do in the UK, (Lager Louts).
    I think some people should be very careful on their choice of words when asked for their observations, do not paint PDC, like Magaluf or Malia

  14. CheshireGilly on Mar 05, 2012

    We returned yesterday after spending a week at Sands Beach Resort, CT. I have never stopped in PDC but believe it isn’t as nice as CT, at this time of the year it’s not bustling but there are still hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from. Saturday was Carnival day so it definitely wasn’t quiet. If you want lager louts lying in the streets etc, why bother going abroad anyway, just go to any town centre in Britain on a Saturday night!!! Costa Teguise is lovely, will return again next year, lager louts keep away we don’t want or need you!!!

  15. Paul Haynes on Mar 05, 2012

    I can only echo what others are saying about CT, but i guess where you decide to stay is a personal choice and the type of holiday you are wanting.

    I have stayed there 6 times in 12 years and and altho’ PDC is a nice resort i would not swap it for CT at any price.

    The first time we went to PDC was on the bus from CT for a day trip, we had barely got onto the pavement when we were accosted by timeshare touts – yet in the 6 visits to CT (totaling 14 weeks) we have NEVER been stopped and harassed by anyone selling anything.

    Yes, PDC is a lovely resort and is much busier than CT, but on the other hand, if you want to relax and enjoy wonderful surroundings, fantastic beaches and a classier environment than CT just HAS to be the first choice.

    Enough said i think!

  16. David myers on Mar 05, 2012

    I have the same thing as yourself Paul of timeshare touts in PDC on a couple of occasions, they were selling timeshares in CT

  17. MATT JONES on Mar 07, 2012

    Ironically, I got stopped in CT by time share people on the week that I stayed there, but the week that I stayed in PDC I didn’t. So, I suppose it’s just luck. The main thing was however, that neither resort had the amount of time share agents that Tenerife seemed to possess.

  18. Paul D on Mar 18, 2012

    Just read all the replies to Larrys question.. I think his later post where he says he appears to have opened up a whole can of worms is an understatement.. lol.

    I can also see and agree where Dave W was coming from with his initial reply too, although i think Larrys original question was more about observing how quiet he thought CT was generally as opposed to it being a night-life come club and Fish & Chip mecca ! . Its interesting that he says his visit was in the DAY !

    The other thing is . If your staying in the hussle and bussle of PDC , then any other resort on the island is going to appear quieter anyway.. Especially in the day.

    In my experience over 26 years, ive found the whole island to be relaxed and laid back with a wonderful atmosphere to generally chill out and enjoy a family holiday. When i first started visiting the Island PDC was little more than a village itself and was very quiet. There were even some residential houses along the front where all the restaurants are now.

    As the island got more popular I then started to holiday in Playa Blanca because through choice i prefer the quieter resorts. At that time , PDC was developing into a much more livelier resort for the masses which wasnt for me, however i always have a day or an evening in PDC when im on the island. Its definately not like the party resorts of mainland Spain or other destinations in the Med… The lager Lout in Lanz is very much a minimalistic problem in my view . . And if you can find Fish and Chips, they are nothing like home. lol

    Not so much now , but in my early visits to the island, especially when i used to stay in PDC ,I found the biggest pain in the back side was time share touts (as opposed to louts ), however i think this problem is far less now than it used to be.. It was for a short period in the early to mid 80s a massive problem .. Swarms of them !

    I personally have never stayed in CT in all the years of coming to the island, however ive visited many times and thought it was lovely and have had some nice meals there. My place of choice to stay though is Play Blanca .. ( just personal preference ) I might add that ive been to Playa Blanca through the recession in recent years where it has been very obviously quiet . . In as far as very few tourists around .. numbers down etc which you would expect with the current financial circumstances for people generally.

    Ive not been back on the island for a couple of years now, but im very envious of all you lucky people who have !.

    One other thing . . People do talk naturally talk about the main resorts a lot because we all stay in them…….

    PDC , CT & PB always feature but i would like to wave the flag for Puerto Calero . . Quite possibly the islands jewel in the crown and often described in travel journals as one of the nicest marinas in Europe. If you have never been , do yourselves a favour and go take a look. . Day or Night it is just a lovely lovely place.
    Go visit and make up your own mind.

  19. larry connell on Mar 19, 2012

    Cheers Paul D,
    It was a day visit and I certainly was not knocking CT, unlike Dave W, who seemed to knock everything about PDC, I prefer PDC that much I bought an apartment there, it is not hustle and bustle like it used to be and Timeshare is a thing of the past, it was outlawed in 2009.
    They are even cracking down on people trying to drag you into bars, the sea front has been modernised, new shops and a lot less bars.
    I made my observation and I will stick by it, when I do my next visit to CT (Night time), I will post my findings, I hope other people who hav’nt visited PDC for a couple of years will do the same, mind you don’t trip over a lager lout and drop your fish and chips in someone else’s vomit.

  20. Steve on Mar 19, 2012

    Hi Larry,
    We go to PDC twice or three times a year,your comments are spot on. About the so called people who try to drag you into the bars etc,most of them are really nice and polite,and you can have a bit of crack with them.

  21. larry connell on Mar 19, 2012

    Hi Steve,
    Totally agree, PDC has a good feel about it these days and people need to come and see the changes being made, the lads and lasses working the bars are well behaved and polite and as you say “the crac is good”.
    The latest carnival in February was great, as they paraded along the front they where followed by an army of street cleaners, by 10.00pm you would never have guessed that there had ever been a carnival, except for everyone dressed up and enjoying the day.

  22. Paul D on Mar 19, 2012

    Your quite right Larry . PDC has changed massively in recent years along the front there.

    I never normally have ice cream , but for some reason when ever im waling along the front at PDC i have to have one from one of those little ice cream huts !…,, I think the last time i was there, they didnt have any that was fish & chip flavoured ,,,but they are probably working on it as we speak !