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CostaTeguise end Feb, all inclusive 1 week, how much spending money should I need roughly?

Asked by: 8th February 2011


4 Answers

  1. desmond bonner on Feb 08, 2011

    around 500 euros

  2. mon21x on Feb 08, 2011

    Obviously it depends on what you intend doing, or like to do. As you are going All Inclusive I assume you wont be spending much on food and drink?

  3. Jordan on Feb 10, 2011

    Hi thanks for the reply, well probably eat out once or twice in evening and maybe same for lunches but mainly stick to the hotel for our food and drink when we can as all inclusive… like to go to the beach and some nice walks around lanzarote but also like to shop about through markets aswell, for gifts etc.. Hopefully looking at doing a trip if there are any running at this time of year.. would like to have a bit of fun 😀

  4. Stephen Humphreys on Feb 10, 2011

    There are plenty of chinese buffets for about 5 euros, you cant go wrong. Ive tried about 3 or 4 differnt ones and they have all been great value and tasty. Bluiebells bar in the square is cheap for beer. have good time. We ( 2 adults and 2 kids10 & 14) go self catering in October and usually spend 100 euro per day on food and drink and we only ever av breakfast in apartment. If your all inclusive i think you will spend less than 500.