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Costa Teguise Restaurants ? Any good ?

Asked by: 13th February 2011

We were in CT two years ago and mainly ate at the large restaurant on the roundabout by Cucharas beach, near the web cam. My wife is very fussy and this restaurant was very good but I am looking for a change and recommendations are welcome. We stay at Camel Springs Club near Playa Bastian and there are a couple of restaurants at the end of the road, Calle de la rosa and wondered if they are any good. Will be there in two weeks and very much looking fopward to it.


17 Answers

  1. Kitty on Feb 13, 2011

    There are three restaurants at the end of your road. The one in the middle called Domus Pompei is a very good Italian. The one to the left as you are facing them is also pretty good and we have never tried the other one. If you look over to the beach there is a restaurant called Villa Toledo right on the sea front. It is usually pretty good but can have off days when both the food and service as less than spectacular. It is worth going for the position alone, the setting is fabulous.

    • Howard on Feb 14, 2011

      Thanks Kitty we will try the Italian. We have been to Villa Toledo the day we arrived two years ago and it must have been an off day but the position is great.

  2. jude on Feb 13, 2011

    go to the top of the street and turn left heading towards coronas playa hotel and santa rosa apts. you will find a good choice of bars restaurants etc there, reccomend, cafe nina,isla bonita.la tunera,further along you have hollywoods,the cavern and steptoes and you shouldnt miss el navarro and oscars, also a good indian there.tandoori nights,hope this helps x

    • Howard on Feb 14, 2011

      Thanks Jude we go in that direction for the supermarket so we will have a look

  3. Iain Ogden on Feb 14, 2011

    I would highly recommend Repikada which is a locally run tapas just accross the road from the Celesta apartments and next to an Indian. We ate there on Saturday 12th Feb 2011 and were really impressed with the value for money, atmosphere and food. We were both tapas virgins and the guy explained everything. If we head back to Teguise this will be our forst port of call for sure.

    • Howard on Feb 14, 2011

      Iain we too are Tapas virgins and want to try so we will be going to Repikada

  4. Tracy on Feb 14, 2011

    Would also recommend Oscars, Montmarte and Kermans La Pikada.
    Alessio italian restaurant do a nice set meal for only 9€ too

    • Howard on Feb 14, 2011

      Tracy I like the price and will try and find Alessio

  5. Lorraine Hope on Feb 14, 2011

    Mon Marte is the best restaurant i have ever been to. The staff are so nice and welcoming and the food is out of this world. I would thoroughly recommend it.

  6. Howard on Feb 14, 2011

    Lorrain where is Mon Marte

  7. Kitty on Feb 14, 2011

    Hi Howard If you stand at the entrance to Playa Bastian you will see an amusement arcade opposite. Walk up that road and turn left and you will find Montmarte on the left. It is french cuisine and very nice. Only drawback from my point of view is that there is no outside seating area. Another lovely restaurant in the same vein is La Jordana which you will see on your right at the top of the road before you go left to Montmarte.

  8. jude on Feb 14, 2011

    agree with alessios,its just along from the celeste apartments their set menu is a chioce of homemade soup,spanish omlette or mixed salad for starters,then chicken escolope,grilled fish fillet , entrecote steak or spagetti bolognese for mains then profiteroles with hot choc sauce or creme caramel for pud !! as you can see we go a lot !! lovely setting and friendly service too.

  9. Jules CJ on Feb 15, 2011

    Try Restaurante La Aulaga, in Calle La Rosa facing onto Villa Toledo and Playa Bastian.

    Ignore the menu, let the chef prepare a selection of tapas for you, the food is incredible! They create amazing dishes from the best ingredients sourced locally and everyone we’ve recommended there has contacted us with fabulous feedback.

    • luke on Feb 16, 2011

      Hi Just wondering about La Aulaga we went to this restaurant several times and really enjoyed lovely food and really nice staff {just cant remember the guys name} could not help you enough, But then it was closed for a while is it the same people or new owners??

  10. Sue Jenkins on Feb 15, 2011

    The best restaurants we have been to at the Playa Bastain end are Montmatre (try the lamb), Ninas, La Jordana, El Navarro and the Emporer (cheap and cheerful good Chinese)
    Back in town we rate Tiscino (Swiss restaurant just off the square where the big tree is) If you go to a few of these you won’t go far wrong.

  11. Millwall Steve on Feb 16, 2011

    Las Cucharas beach there is a restaurant called La Ola (very Nice) and also the Cutty Sark Pub

  12. Rachael on Feb 17, 2011

    There’s a tapas bar almost attached to Celeste apartments. It’s really good – the food’s great, the locals eat there, it’s really noisy and they help you with your spanish. There’s also a fish restaurant in the square. It’s quite expensive but all of the fish is fresh every day.