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Concerned the weather wont be what ive made it out to be ?

Asked by: 18th March 2015

Ok so basically I use to live in lanza on and off as a kid for a couple of years. Hadnt been back since until last year I bragged to my partner that the island was to die for and was hot all year round.

Well she burnt herself on day 1so my point was proven however it wasnnt until the latter part of the week that we had beautiul clear and hot days as the frist day or two was a bit cold when the wind blew.

Having said that she did fall in love with the place as I predicted so much that she wanted to return this year much to my liking as im in love with the island. But were goin in march this time infact were going next thursday but the weather sites are all varied atm. Im taking my partners little girl this time and ive once again bragged about the weather but now im getting more concerned it wont be that nice at the end of march. Is their anybody there now or who lives there that can help me with my worries? Lol


3 Answers

  1. nigel ball on Mar 18, 2015

    Just watched the European weather on RTE1. The canaries were highlighted and the forecast for the coming few days was ‘very disappointing temperatures for this time of year’.

    Temperatures have bee below normal this last winter and into spring, with more rain than usual. This follows a relatively poor summer last year ( temperatures below normal ).

    I think this is the way it is going going forward, global warming, carbon emissions etc.

  2. Barry Dunne on Mar 18, 2015

    Some fab web cams here but only one for CT.

    The weather forecast is fairly accurate usually.

    Las Cucharas – Xtrem Sails (Costa Teguise)

  3. Wendy on Mar 23, 2015

    We’re here at the moment and have just experienced a good downpour with thunder. Clearing up now though. Every day we have had rain at some point but it only lasts for 15 minutes or so. It can be a bit chilly at times. When the sun is out it is nice. You will need to wrap up in the evening as it is chilly.

    Disappointing weather although it’s got to be better than at home