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Cheap spirits, is it for real ?

Asked by: 29th April 2015

Alcohol prices in Lanzarote are very cheap in discount shops compared to supermarkets.


3 Answers

  1. martin pollitt on Apr 30, 2015

    yes much cheaper than here pity you can only fetch back 1ltr

  2. Frank Richmond on Apr 30, 2015

    Must confess I haven’t noticed a huge difference in prices between the Discount Shops and supermarkets in Lanza. The discount Asian shops are slightly cheaper and the stuff is real.

    They are both much cheaper than back home but weight restrictions and duty allowances mean you can’t bring much back.

  3. Steve p on May 01, 2015

    Discount shops are cheaper than supermarkets I purchased a bottle of Pastis from one of the Asian shops and it was 5 euros cheaper than the Supermarket and it was the real stuff.

    only problem is the allowance’s you can bring back not the same as main land Spain