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Cheap flights ?

Asked by: 6th February 2012 ,

I have booked an apartment in costa teguese in August and now need to book flights from Manchester. Should I book now or wait a month or two.  What is the best time to get a good deal and which airline should I use? At present the cost very from£330 upwards




10 Answers

  1. dave love on Feb 06, 2012

    Sharon hi, last year we booked our flights for august in october, and by the time we went the flight prices were approx £120 more expensive. This year there are 16 of us going again in August and we booked the flights in october again. We fly out on a friday and return on a sunday. a couple of weeks ago, we received an email from monarch Airlines to inform us that our sunday return flight had been cancelled, and they had cancelled all of there saturday and sunday flights between the uk and lanzarote. so we had to rebook our return flight with ryan air. they say they have done this due to there being less demand for lanzarote this year. so due to what they have done, i would advise you to book asap as there will be less flights now goiung to lanzarote, hopoe this info is helpfull to you

    • Kitty on Feb 06, 2012

      Hi Dave

      I have Saturday flights booked with Monarch in July from Manchester and have not had any notification of them being cancelled. Just been on the website and you can still book Saturday flights. Any info you can give about cancelled weekend flights would be appreciated.
      Sharon – as the others say, book early. The days of last minute cheapies are definately over.

      • dave love on Feb 06, 2012

        kitty, sorry i meant flights from gatwick, sorry to get you worried

  2. David myers on Feb 06, 2012

    Cheap flights seem to be a thing of the past in previous years you could always get a deal by waiting till nearer the time but the last couple of years i have booked and they have gone up near the dates i wanted so it appears to have changed booking early could be best i have done OK using Thomson and Monarch fying from Manchester but its not as cheap this year I have checked flights from Glasgow and they can can be a lot cheaper than Manchester which does nt make sense to me ( they just like robbing us )

  3. Tracy R on Feb 06, 2012

    Have a look at the jet 2 website they have 10% off flights at the moment and I know they fly from Manchester. I have always found it best to book early. The earlier the better. Ryan air is also worth a look. Hope this helps.

  4. dave love on Feb 06, 2012

    Sharon, forgot to say that if you check the website below, this shows you all of the flights from manchester to lanzarote on any day of the week and also updates the prices daily. they are very good and acurate. go to:-



  5. Karen on Feb 06, 2012

    I travel to Lanzarote quite frequently and nearly always use Ryanair – they are nearly half the price of other operators – for instance a went in January and booked approx 3 weeks before I went – checked the online price a few days before I travelled and the price for 2 return flights had increased by nearly £250 – so I always book in advance – especially if you have to go on specific dates.

  6. Sarah on Feb 07, 2012

    Hi Sharon,i too am back in CT in August. booked flights with monarch before xmas from Gatwick,to fly back on a sat…mine were also cancelled! I re- booked with Easy jet and managed to save £400 for a party of 4. I have always flown from Luton,but for some reason Monarch have been reducing flights from there too,so could not get any for our dates.
    I found my flights through a comparison website in the end. It’s worth shopping around Sharon,but as Dave said,book sooner rather than later,there aren’t the deals around that there used to be. Good luck.

  7. Michelle on Feb 07, 2012

    We always book with ryanair. It’s basic but cheap. We sometimes book with Thomas cook as the price you see includes your baggage. But you need to look on the website under flythomascook. Ryanair normally works out cheaper but the cost of a case is now around £50 which increases the flight price. Good luck.

  8. ian on Feb 07, 2012

    hi sharron, think ryanair are starting a service to lanza this year from manchester from terminal 3. check there wewbsite