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Cars ?

Asked by: 31st July 2011 ,

hello, I leave at the weekend in costa teguise.I would like to know if in 20 years they can rent a car has lanzarote?

Thank you d ‘avance your answers.

Warmly Adelyne

PS: I am French, desolate for poor English


7 Answers

  1. adelyne67 on Jul 31, 2011

    can we ren a car with 20years in Lanzarote?

  2. Karen on Jul 31, 2011

    I would suggest seeing as your 20 that you email the car rental companies to find out

  3. Sam Roberto on Jul 31, 2011

    Payless i think will let you drive at the age of 20. Just ask in the car rental places, they will be happy to help you. Also Cabrera Medina might as well.

  4. Maria Jane Macree on Jul 31, 2011

    I have always known car rental companies all over the canaries state 21 +
    Generally as a rule, you’ll find 90% of companies state 25+, thanks, Maria

  5. Sam on Aug 01, 2011

    You can rent one from Pay Less. I have just been in to find out for myself. They charge 22euros a day. The more days you buy the cheaper it is. There is also a place opposite Cactus Jacks called Rent a Car that will rent you one but this is more expensive.

  6. adelyne67 on Aug 01, 2011

    Okay thanks for your answer!

    • adelyne67 on Aug 02, 2011

      I hope I can rent one..