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Can we get uk tv in lanzarote what do we need to do ?

Asked by: 9th March 2012

and what do we need to buy ?


10 Answers

  1. john allen on Mar 09, 2012

    Join sky & install a 3 metre diameter disc.

    • janet newby on Mar 09, 2012

      english tv is rubbish as the satelite keeps being moved so the signal is never the same, its hit and miss to recieve anything

  2. gordon on Mar 09, 2012

    step1 go to the pub …… or
    take your sly box with you and get a dish pointed at 28east. ps, your dish at home is nowhere big enough, you’ll need at least a 1.2meter dish to get the strong signals and even bigger to get weak signals.

  3. gordon on Mar 09, 2012

    it also depends on what you want to watch. if its the soaps, they a dish pointed at 28east [sly position]
    if you want sports and films, and yes prem footie is broadcast on other sats, a 1.2m dish pointed at 13 and or 19east will get you free footie and film and music as well as kids tv too. you’ll need a spiderbox and internet connection. easy to set up.

  4. Jonn Panting on Mar 10, 2012

    If you have a IPad you could possibly get an app called Filmon Plus which will give you bbc 1/2 itv 1/2/3/4 , 4 ,5 and others

    • Peter James Woodward on Mar 12, 2012

      Thank you for your reply

      We have been looking on the web and found sling box TV streamed from the UK.
      We have also found Lamnia a way of watching TV on your PC such as iplay ch4

      Lamnia looks cheapest for what we need to start with but will keep looking.

      Thank you again for your time


  5. Jules CJ on Mar 13, 2012

    We’ve switched to watching UK TV through the internet, the cheapest way is to get a hidden IP address so that it looks like you are in the UK when in Spain, then you can stream the C4, ITV and use the BBC Iplayer. There are a couple of companies on the island offering boxes to plug into your broadband in Lanzarote where you can watch all your favourite programmes in real time or by catch up when you want to.

    • Peter James Woodward on Mar 13, 2012

      OOO Thank you! we will have to look into that when we are next over.
      Is it easy to get broadband and how are the speeds?


  6. Jules CJ on Mar 13, 2012

    We can get up to 8mb on the island but some places are as low as 1mb. Getting internet can be difficult, it really depends upon the property and area, it’s definitely something worth asking when you’re looking at accommodation.