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can someone tell me why the sun beds have been removed from La Cucharas beach please?

Asked by: 2nd April 2014


6 Answers

  1. Tom Iles on Apr 02, 2014

    It’s a new EU directive. Sun beds can only be used if there is an “r” in the month. They should be back in May.

  2. Steve p on Apr 02, 2014

    Tom we will wait and see if there back in May, when we were there in November they then had 15 days to remove them and a new contract would be in place by late January, that then past and I heard they would be back by Easter

  3. jim davies on Apr 02, 2014

    Tom: er yes thanks . . . . . . I wouldn’t surprise me 🙂

    Steve: . . . . . . . I wondered if it was a contractual thing, I was there just before Christmas and saw them taking everything out.

    • dave love on Apr 07, 2014

      Jim, this is the latest update from the tourism office of costa teguise regarding the sun beds

      “Señor Dave,
      El ayuntamiento de Teguise va a intentar que al final del mes de Junio estén
      de nuevo las tumbonas.
      Saludos cordiales,”

      which translates to that they are trying to get the sunbeds back on the beaches by the end of June.

      lets see what happens.
      the trick is they did not say what year

      • jim davies on Apr 07, 2014

        Thanks Dave as you say they didn’t say what year 🙂

  4. Steve p on Apr 03, 2014

    It was a contractual thing I understand that the contract ran out sometime ago and that the company were still paying the council to keep the sunbeds on the beaches,
    but we were out there the last week of November and heard that the council had given them 15 days to remove them