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can anyone tell me what the celeste apartments are like in Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 30th March 2012 , ,

if so could you let me know what its like and is it far from the ficus apartments


19 Answers

  1. Rachael on Mar 30, 2012

    Absolutely brilliant would be my view. I’ve stayed there every year for 8 years (sad person that I am). My first stay was on one of those holidays where you don’t know where you’re going til you get there and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Although they’re not “posh” they are very clean (cleaner comes every day), the staff are lovely, very welcoming and friendly. If you book direct with them you don’t pay until the day before you leave. Although they’re close to everything (beach, bars etc) I’ve never had a problem with noise unless it’s from my apartment.

  2. Rachael on Mar 30, 2012

    Oops, sorry I forgot the last part of your question even though I can’t help as I’m not sure where the Ficus are!!!!!

  3. Brian Golding on Mar 30, 2012

    We stayed there in January this year, well equiped, staff pleasant and helpful and ideally located in centre of resort, some apartments have sea views. We will stay there when we go again. Celeste is a good 20 minutes walk from Fiscus which is up near El Trebol and a fair walk from the beach, never stayed at Fiscus so can’t comment on them

    • michael mac on Mar 30, 2012

      thanks for that bri,ive stayed at the ficus before but staying at the celeste this time its just another group who are going at the same are staying at the ficus

  4. gordon on Mar 30, 2012

    celeste are ok, nice n clean, friendly staff, 1 of the staff has sticky fingers [only a phone charger adaptor was knicked] idealy situated in the centre of town plenty of pubs on the doorstep.
    the ficus is opposite el trebol and along the road, there is a footpath leading down to the bus stops on av de canarias and only a short walk from there to celeste apmts.

    • michael mac on Mar 30, 2012

      cheers gordon

      • gordon on Mar 30, 2012

        nee probs mate, owt 4 a fellow geordie, when ya ganning like, wer off in 3weeks

        • michael mac on Mar 30, 2012

          were off on the 24th may 4 a week just to check these apartments out and a few beers on the way then again 4 the new year howay the lads

          • gordon on Mar 30, 2012

            nice 1, as soon as we get back we normaly book the next hol, probly around sept/oct. might see you in the new year though, we normaly have a holiday in jan.

          • michael mac on Mar 30, 2012

            we normally book october time for the new year we go on the 29th dec for two weeks so we might see you…anyway gordon enjoy your hols mate

        • Steve on Mar 31, 2012

          Glad i am not going when you are,i,m a smoggie!

          • michael mac on Mar 31, 2012

            im meeting a smoggie mate of mine when im over there and two mackums!

          • gordon on Mar 31, 2012

            my lass is a monkey hanger lol… [seaton canoe]

          • michael mac on Mar 31, 2012

            haha like the last bit

          • gordon on Apr 01, 2012

            aye ever since that bloke went missing in the canoe [allegedly] we re-named the town.

  5. Rachael on Mar 30, 2012

    I’m amazed that you’ve had something pinched Gordon. We’ve left money, phones, ipods, jewellery etc lying around, and never had a problem. Wish someone would steal all the washing when it’s hometime though!

  6. gordon on Mar 30, 2012

    who-ever it was must have had that type of fone and needed the adaptor, i had only bought it a few hours earlier and it was on the work top. and when we got back 1 of the adaptors was gone. luckily i dont use the 1 that got knicked.
    as for the clothes, i only take cheap t-shirts and leave stuff behind anyway.

  7. David myers on Mar 30, 2012

    Dont believe people leave money and valuables lying about its not what i do, stealing and burglary goes on all over the island just like it does in every other country its not new just lock away all your money and valuables then its safe